Live One Hour More

I love Pinterest. My obsession on there is quotes, and song lyrics. Nice verses, poems, and those meme style posts.
There are a few quotes that I see come round again and again, and that really stick in my head. One of them being "Wake up an hour earlier to live one hour more" and I just loved it from the moment I read it.
This was last year, and I constantly said to myself "I will do that" and it was a case of putting it off until next week, and then next week, and next week again, until I simply didn't bother.

With my current "mid-life-crisis" it seems the perfect opportunity to stop making excuses and to just got for it.
Imagine all the things you can do with an extra hour.
An early morning soak in the bath, getting to do your make up and hair in peace, being productive and getting the ironing out of the way, putting on a load of washing that will as a result be on the washing line by the time you would usually be getting up. Reading a book, catching up with a tv programme. Or simply sitting in the garden with a hot cup of coffee listening to the birds and hearing the milk float go past.

June is a crazy busy month and I know I cannot dedicate the time to this at any point so, in July I am doing it.
Last year we used to walk to Charles' school in the morning. We would even end up being early. This year, we are rushing out of the door at the last minute almost everyday, and it is at the point where I wonder how on earth we were ever out of the door at 8am last year?!
However, I used to love doing that walk. I had a guaranteed exercise planned everyday, could mix up my route to gain miles, and generally felt pretty good. And I want that feeling back.

So from July the 6th I will set my alarm an hour and 10 minutes earlier than usual (10 minutes to convince myself this will be worth it and to get out of bed!) everyday for a week and will see how I can make that extra hour beneficial to me.
And I want to document that process too.

If the first week goes well I will extend it to a second week too.

Do you fancy joining in? I'd love to see how other people fill that extra hour, and how we feel about it after a week or two of the experience. And also for the encouragement and support. It's only an hour after all, but still.
You in?

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