Sunuva Beachwear Review

I think when we say we own a yacht people do automatically assume that it's glamorous, elegant, and posh I suppose.
In reality, it's basically like camping, except on a boat, when it comes to style and fashion.
Last year a big thing we learnt was that packing clothes for the week is a hard job. You have to prepare for all weathers, and even on a really hot sunny day you may need layers because on the open water it can be super windy and chilly.
Getting wet isn't a huge issue because it's not like our boat heels over to the point that water is rushing in, however, with ropes that tend to splash in the water and then are pulled inside the boat getting a little bit wet is unavoidable. 

I think for us and "boat fashion" so far it has definitely been more comfort over style. We wear what is clean, even if it clashes in some way, and we layer up to keep warm. It definitely takes a lot of adjusting to and working out what is best to pack is a challenge, especially with our unpredictable weather.

This year we are hoping to join a sail club or two. We want to make the most of what there is to offer and to be a part of the sailing community. We also want to really explore the Broads and with the addition of our rowing boat we will be able to have better access to areas of the broad we struggled with last year, which means we will be able to visit a few more of those wonderful Norfolk pubs!
As a result I want to make sure we have items to take with us that are not only suitable for the activity, but also adaptable to the weather, comfortable and that make us look presentable.

Sunuva sent the boys over some clothes which fit our needs perfectly.

The linen shirts are such a beautiful fit. Smart yet casual enough to wear on a day to day basis and also for those more special occassions.
These linen shirts are available in a variety of colours, the boys having a different colour each so they are not too matchy (and yes, I did choose the shades of blue to match their eyes, don't judge me) and have a slim collar, buttons down the front, a handy pocket for a river bank daisy stash and adjustable sleeves.

The seersucker shorts are also really lovely and have that smart casual aspect to them. The fabric is really light weight, making them cool and perfect for a hot summers day.
We love the stripey design, even though Harry decided that he looks like a chef in his.
The boys both have completely different body shapes and the shorts suited both of them despite this. Thankfully they feature an adjustable waistband so you are able to pull them in a little tighter for smaller waists.
We also really like the length, and the fact that the shorts can be worn with either trainers or sandals.
They are comfortable and easy to move around it which is essential when sailing and getting on and off the bank.

We were also sent a cap each for the boys which are a touch too big but will be kept for a year or so when they will eventually fit. We love the detachable flap at the back of the cap, which will be ideal for when the sun it at it's strongest and is bouncing off the water.
Looking at the girls designs in hats I do wish there was more available for boys, especially in the canvas fisherman style.

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