This Week in 5 | 24.05.15

Last year I started a little project called 'Happy Sunday'. Every Sunday I wrote about things that had made me happy that week.
This year I wanted to try something different and just basically want to look back at 5 things in the week that meant something to me, that happened, that I want to remember.

I had to run into town this week to collect a sleeping bag for my upcoming Isle of Man trip, and also to buy some essential flowers to go in my hair (ok, not essential but shhh). We walked past a charity shop and I loved this dress, although thought it would not be in my size but went in anyway.
Firstly, why do charity shops smell SO BAD?! It almost put me off buying the dress. However, the correct size AND £4.50 had me SOLD!
I was a touch disappointed to get it home and discover the previous owner was obviously too short for the dress so has cut the hem...badly. However, my mum can sort that out thankfully and it doesn't make the dress look horrid on me.

On Monday night I had a rare treat in the form of a trip to the pub with a friend of mine.
Despite going to school together, and reuniting as friends when we both became mums in 2009. We haven't really spent a lot of time together just the two of us, without the children....other than in 2011 when I was pregnant with Harry and we had a mini spa thing.
Anyway. This year I wanted to fix that, as did she. So we had a wine night in round hers, and then she mentioned us going out to the pub for a drink and recently I've just popped to hers for a coffee on a Tuesday once I've dropped Harry at preschool.
It was SO lovely and we had a really fab time. And WILL happen again.

On Thursday Harry goes to preschool all day so with a new Dunelm opening on Wednesday my friend Christine suggested we go along.
Well, 2 hours later we emerged. It's so exciting to have a shop like Dunelm in our town as a lot of other businesses like that are either quite a way out of town and the traffic can be a nightmare, or have closed down.
We were supposed to stop for a coffee in Dunelms cafe. However, we couldn't resist the urge of toasted tea bread. It was delicious, and cheap. Again, this WILL happen again.

I'm spending this weekend at Hayley's house. On Friday we got a Thai takeaway. I haven't really had Thai food before but OH MY GOODNESS! It was AMAZING. I would seriously consider moving here just for that takeaway. We watched Sex Tape on Friday night which was really good, despite Cameron Diaz who is really annoying.

The biggest thing this week has to be that we decided to get a kitten! I say we...it was mostly me. My husband only said yes once I cried. True story.
The boys and my husband are going to collect him today (Sunday) and my mother in law is collecting his sister too. I'm so excited, although nervous too as I don't know how Jasmine, our 10 year old cat, will take to him.
Harry and I went on a little shopping trip to grab some toys and a food bowl ready for his arrival. Poundland is definitely a good choice for cat toys! Pets at Home, great for bargain toys in the clearance section.

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