5 Ways to Pass the Time in a Hotel Room

June see's two hotel stays for me, by myself. As this is a luxury for me I am trying to make sure I fill my time wisely and make the most of that "me time".
I've only stayed in a hotel room by myself once previously and I regretted not making the most of the time I had to relax and to focus on things I wanted to do.

So, with that in mind, I've come up with a list of things to do when in a hotel room to pass the time.

1. A long soak in the bath

Of course this is assuming you have a bath in your hotel room. If not, a long hot shower with guarantees of no one standing at the door watching you, or knocking on the door outside needing to come in to use the toilet. Make this even more special by turning it into a full on pamper session. A sachet of a face mask, a travel sized body scrub, and of course the hotels complimentary toiletries which would be rude not to use!

2. Catch up on your favourite tv programmes

If you're anything like me then you tend to watch Eastenders and Big Brother on Catch Up because you are either busy doing something else or there is a super important car documentary on which your husband must watch. A bit of alone time means you can watch Eastenders in piece and make sure you hear every single one of Phil's grunts and Ronnie's sniffs.

3. Sit and enjoy the peace

Without having the television or radio on, what else could be better than to lay on the bed and just enjoying the peace. Without just staring at the ceiling of course make the most of modern technology and free wifi (if available!) via your smartphone, tablet or laptop and surf the internet. Either reading blogs, writing your own blog posts, catching up on celebrity gossip or even play online casino games for fun (long are the days of only having the option of playing Snake on a Nokia 3210!).

4. Read a book

Since having children I very rarely get time to read a book, or to enjoy a magazine in fact. Enjoying holding a real book, without having to take a break in the story to carry out any mum-tasks, or of course reading via a tablet, is a real luxury now.

5. Catch up with entertainment apps

Since signing up to Netflix I really haven't used it to it's full advantage. I have a list of films and series to watch and continuously "save them for later" and never get round to watching them.
With no need to watch what you are watching due to it's rating and content, and being able to binge watch series so that you aren't so far behind everyone else is a real bonus and a must do activity.

What are your (clean!) tips for making the most of time in a hotel room?

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