Britmums Live 2015 Room 4 Session Summary | Prize Promotions

Confession...I took 3 notebooks to Britmums Live this year. And a ridiculous number of pens. The past two years I have taken endless notes in each session, writing down quotes from the speakers and copying things written on their presentations.
Being a room moderator meant that I was able to attend sessions that maybe I wouldn't have attended before. However, I was also really lucky to have some amazing sessions and I can honestly say that I learnt something from all of them.

I felt it was easier for me to tweet anything I found helpful this year, not only because it was quicker than writing it all down in a notebook but also to entice attendees into my room.
I wanted to collate all of my tweets together and thought it would be a good idea to write posts about each sessions but just focussing on my tweets. I figure that even though it may not make sense to some, and there may not be a huge amount of tweets, it could be helpful to others.

‘SuperLucky’ Di Coke is a Prize Promotions Consultant, comper and blogger. With more than £250,000 of prizes under her belt, Di knows competitions inside out and works with brands and bloggers to ensure their prize promotions are fair, fun and successful. Di has been interviewed about competitions on BBC Breakfast, Radio 4 and in the national press, and never tires of welcoming new recruits to the hobby. You can find Di blogging at superlucky.me.@superluckydi

"Prizes make people happy"

"In T&C's, you need to use the word prize draw. Not giveaway"

"Prize draw - picked at random. Competition - judged. Know the difference and use your words correctly."

"The perfect prize- make sure the product is relevant to your blog and your readership"

"Trust your sponsor or company. If they go into administration YOU have to cover the prize"

"Charge for giveaways or ask for one of the products yourself. Don't under sell yourself."

""Visit the sponsors website and tell me what you would buy". Drives traffic to them and increases your comments"

"Make it clear to people what they have to do. Don't set up too many options. That is why people "cheat" on Rafflecopter forms"

"Don't say "I'll pick my favourite" instead "I'll pick the most entertaining/appealing...""

"If you are hosting a competition, get someone else to judge. Someone independent. Not you"

"Set T&C's. Never change them. And never change your closing date."

"T&C's. Include closing date, who can and can't enter (family, outside of UK) Let people know what you will do with their data."

"Make it clear what exactly the prize is. Mention how tickets will be supplied, if travel is included etc."

"You must give winners 14/28 days to respond. Unless it's a time critical prize...ie concert, day out, event"

"Add competitions and giveaways to linkys, share using hashtags, and competition websites."

"Check to see if your winner got their prize"

"Ideal length of a giveaway. 2-3 weeks. Try not to run them all at the same time. 1 a month or 1 every two or three weeks."

"Be confident asking a PR for products or voucher values. Don't devalue yourself. The PR can only say no/give lower. Be brave"
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