Father's Day Gifts for Sailing Dad's #TruprintDads

Fathers Day is approaching and this is usually a time when I tend to panic about what the boys can get my husband.
My husband is the kind of guy that buys something if it wants it, which is fair enough, whereas I tend to stick something on a list for these kinds of occasions.
With sailing as our hobby and now being a big part of our lives this obviously makes Father's Day a lot easier when it comes to buying gifts.

I think personalised gifts give that special thoughtful touch and I personally tend to prefer these.

Working together with Truprint on Fathers Day gifts I've come up with some ideas perfect for Sailing Mad Dads.

A photo canvas is an ideal gift for any family member for all occasions. How about a print of a sailing day, or if you own a boat, a print of your boat taking pride of place in your lounge?

A photobook is also a lovely way to display special photos. This is a yearly tradition I am going to continue, with creating a photobook to record our year of sailing.

I saw the saying "I love you a yacht" on Pinterest and absolutely loved it, so decided to have it put on a mug along with a photo of the four of us in front of our boat.
I think the wonderful thing about personalised mugs is that they don't have to be used in their obvious way (ie to drink from) and can be used as either decoration or to hold pens and odd little bits.

The last order date for Father's Day gifts from Truprint is June 15th. Use the code LOVEMYDAD for up to £30 off Father's Day Gifts.
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