The best locations for a winter holiday

Many of us look forward to our summer holidays every year, but very few will consider a winter break. Most of us associate our holidays with sun, sand and sea, but many forget the beauty that comes with winter weather and the cosy evenings inside that are great for couples and families alike. Winter holidays have many advantages that a summer holiday doesn’t. Going on holiday during the winter is more relaxing than the summer rush. A relaxing break is a notion that goes out of the window when you are waking up at seven in the morning to reserve a sunbed by the pool, or when you are in the long queue for ice cream and can’t find anywhere for your family to make camp on the beach.
One of the best places to visit would be Paris, as it is such a short journey by plane, making it perfect for a last minute trip. Book a flight from Edinburgh to Paris for an enchanting experience. Paris is known as the City of Light and it is hard to imagine it becoming any more beautiful until you see it at Christmas time. The added magic of the festive atmosphere of the markets and decorations makes it a holiday to remember. Paris can be seen in all its glory from the top of the Eiffel tower, which makes for a romantic trip. However, if that sounds a bit too cold you can escape into the bistros and caf├ęs. On top of that there are the rich historical sites of Paris that are a definite thing to visit during your time there.
Dublin is also one of the top contenders for places to visit over the winter period, especially now that there are many cheap flights to Ireland at this point in time. Like Paris, it is only a short flight, making it less of a stressful trip to make especially with children. The surrounding area of Dublin is very beautiful and offers some amazing walks, such as along the Great South Wall. It is great for a lively winter break as it has an abundance of bars, restaurants and markets with a lively atmosphere that is all part of the Christmas and New Year spirit.
As a city that is forever busy at any time of the year, New York has a completely different feel to it in the winter months. Especially with all of the festive celebrations, it creates an even more lively atmosphere that has hidden itself indoors for the Christmas shopping and the many food hotspots around the city.
Berlin looks like a setting from one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales in the winter as it turns into a winter wonderland when the city freezes over. When the cold weather gets to be too much then there are many places to escape to, such as the multitude of museums, bars, cafes, restaurants and historical sites to visit.
Another good example of a destination that is almost transformed beyond recognition in the winter months is Venice. The winter weather changes the feel of the place to a more mysterious landscape with the aqua alta. Also, Venice can be more easily enjoyed when it isn’t packed with people.
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