Four last minute baby shower gifts

Picture the scene: your pregnant friend, who didn’t seem too bothered about a baby shower for several months of the term, suddenly changes her mind and wants to welcome her friends for a celebration.

She says she’s not too bothered about gifts but you know you really have to buy her ‘something’ – but with a few days to go you’ve forgotten the ideas you once had. Strolling into a specialist shop for babies doesn’t really help either: confronted by row upon row of items is a terrifying prospect. It doesn’t need to be panic time however – here are four gifts that might just save your blushes:

Baby bean bag
One of the most annoying and frustrating aspects of having a child is the inability to leave him or her alone for any period of time. As a new parent you don’t want to be placing little one in the crib all the time, but there are moments of the day when you need to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea.

Baby bean bags are a perfect way of keeping your baby ultra comfortable, but possess a strap which keeps them secure while you nip out. They’re also easy to wash, and perfect for keeping them nice and warm. A practical and excellent gift.

Self-heating travel bottle
Your baby’s stomach is very delicate in the early weeks and getting the temperature hot enough to kill bacteria but cool enough for her to drink can be a nightmare – a nightmare accompanied by a screaming, angry little creature. Now imagine taking that child out and amplify the trauma by ten.

Without somewhere immediate to heat the water the next simplest option is a self-warming bottle, such as the Yoomi, or many of the others on the market. A simple click warms the expressed or formula milk up to the correct temperature within 60 seconds, and recharging is a rare occurrence. It’s not a particularly emotional gift, but one which will be well-received.

Alongside pets, babies are probably the most-photographed thing to appear on social media. When little one arrives a flurry of pictures from family and friends will be snapped in every location, from every angle, and some will belong on Facebook and Instagram – but others need to be hung up on walls in splendid style, preserved in perfect print forever.

A site such as Photobox will help you create a giant mosaic of infantile pictures, a single lovely piece of wall art, or a calendar where each month shows a different stage  of progression. This might be one time when a voucher is just the perfect gift, to be used six months down the line.  

Anything baby-related
Here’s the real issue: the mum-to-be won’t really care what you buy. Anything that’s practical or loving or that saves the couple money will be richly accepted. Bedding, clothing, teething equipment, or toys such as those in this list are potentially excellent little gifts.

In addition, gifts that make mum feel better will all serve a refreshing and kindly purpose. Gift vouchers, spa treats, chocolate, toiletries, and any other item designed to bring mum back to life post-birth can only be a winner.

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