How to make the most of your small bedroom

Just because your bedroom hasn’t enough room to swing the proverbial cat doesn’t mean that you can’t create a perfect sleeping space. You’ll still be able to have a beautiful room and stamp your own identity and style on your environment.

Less is more

Living in a small space means that you’ll have to learn how to be tidy. Too much clutter can dwarf a room. Once you’ve had a good clear out of the clothes that you’re never going to wear again, the unused or near empty beauty products and all other types of objects that really aren't needed any longer, you may still be left with things that you want to keep but simply don’t have the space to store. Alligator Storage, and other self-storage facilities, provide a wonderful and cost effective solution that will allow you to hang on to treasured possessions that simply take up too much space in your home.

Make the most of natural light

A room that’s full of light always looks larger. The design gurus at House and Garden magazine suggest that placing mirrors in a position to reflect any natural light, however small your window space, will maximise any existing daylight. This action can transform a small, pokey and dark room into one that looks bright and airy and is a pleasure to use.

Use your bed space for storage

If you keep books in your bedroom, why not make use of the space around the bed head as bookshelves? A clever carpenter will be able to design shelves that will complement your bed and create more room. You can also use this design as a useful storage surface for lamps, or even vases of flowers, thus eliminating the need for a bedside table. 

Develop the space under your bed

Divan beds can be bulky, and unless your divan has drawers built into its base, you might consider swapping beds. The space under the bed is frequently underused. An article in The Huffington Post suggests mounting your bed on risers and using the space for storage. You could do away with a chest of drawers and store jumpers, sheets and other bulky items in wooden boxes that will neatly slide under your bed.

Build high

Design your storage units and shelves to fit into awkward space under the eaves. This will allow you to leave one wall free, thus creating an illusion of space. You could always decorate the empty wall with a bright design that will enhance your décor. 

Abolish curtains

Curtains are cumbersome and can take up a lot of room. Your room will look much larger if you use blinds as window furnishings. Roman fabric blinds can create the same luxurious feel as curtains and are much easier to keep clean. Alternatively you can opt for roller blinds. Try and keep your blind colours uniform with the rest of your design otherwise your tool will appear cluttered.

A small bedroom isn’t a cause for despair - it’s a challenge that can be conquered.


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