Don't Tell Her

Don't tell her that she's beautiful.
She doesn't need to hear it.
Don't tell her all of her good points.
She doesn't need to hear them.
Don't tell her if you like what she is wearing that day. Or if her hair looks nice.
She doesn't need to hear it.
Don't tell her those things that first attracted you to her, those things that at first you mentioned a lot.
She doesn't need to hear them.
She doesn't need to be praised. To have someone make her feel like they want her in their life.
It's just her.
She doesn't matter.
Her feelings don't matter.
It doesn't matter if she feels hurt, or small, unimportant, or like her existence brings nothing to anyone's lives.
She builds herself up. She gives herself confidence.
She knows her good points and she lists them.
Loyal. Supportive. Trusting. Honest. Patient.
And slowly they become pointless. She questions them because no one else can see them.
No one else believes her.
She works hard to prove herself. In return not wanting much, just to have a little bit of comfort and just to be told she is good enough.
But she doesn't deserve that.
She puts everyone else first, she doesn't expect that in return. She has always felt that is one of her good traits.
Part of her good heart.
But it seems to go unnoticed.
Or to be unappreciated.
But if you do notice that, for goodness sake don't tell her.
She doesn't need to know.
She doesn't need to know that anyone see's the good in her.
It's only her after all.
She's used to it.
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