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The Best of 2016: Food Delivery Apps

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what your smartphone can do these days: You can order a cab, create music, write a paper, and crush candies. Perhaps one of the best – and hunger satisfying – things you can do with your smartphone is to download a food delivery app. The next time hunger strikes, I’ll be looking to my phone to do the dirty work for me. Here are my favourite food delivery apps of this year, and what makes them amazing.

1- UberEats

If you haven’t heard already, Uber is the game-changing cab company, which allows the general public to become a taxi for several hours a day utilising their own vehicle. After this service made headlines, Uber expanded its market into the food delivery industry, therefore birthing UberEats. Although it is still fresh to the UK and is currently based solely in London, UberEats delivers from 150 restaurants and within a 30-minute radius from your current location. This allows UberEats to guarantee hot meals.

2 – One Delivery

For the avid fast-foodie, One Delivery associates with popular fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC. With over 500 restaurants to cater to your current craving, One Delivery will work its delivery magic in getting your cheat meal to you quickly.

3 – Hungry House

Wherever you are in the UK, chances are Hungry House will be able to get to you in a flash. With over 10,000 restaurants in their database, you won’t have to worry about ordering the same boring meal because it’s the only option available. Hungry House is known for its diversity in menu options, and is extremely popular for Chinese and Indian food options. The app has an easy to navigate interface, and satisfies the entire point of getting food ordered and into your stomach as soon as possible.

4 – Deliveroo

If you are looking for an app that has a light sense of humour, Deliveroo has you covered. This quirky company offers delivery of many different food items all over the UK. From breakfast, to beer, to dessert – Deliveroo fits the bill at any time of day. The app categorises your meals for you, allowing you to quickly get to what you are craving.



Crumlin Road Gaol | Ireland 2016

When we went to Ireland in September I left the planning of everything up to my brother. He always does such a good job of planning a fab week when I go to the Isle of Man so I trust him to come up with good things to do.
He mentioned us visiting an old prison and I loved the idea. Early in the week our plan went a little wrong...well not wrong as such but we ended up driving further than we thought we could so it became our plan to visit towards the end of the week instead.
I was oddly really excited about visiting the prison. I guess it added to the other slightly morbid plans of the week which involved the Titanic museum, a pub run by the family of Joey Dunlop who died whilst racing and a memorial garden.
I ended up saying to my brother that I didn't mind what we did, as long as we managed to visit the prison.

That day came and as we pulled up in the car park I was amazed by how beautiful the prison was from the outside. It didn't look run down so you could see that although it isn't open as a prison anymore, it is still looked after. The prison dates back to 1845 and closed it's doors as a working prison in 1996.
It is now used as a visitor attraction and conference centre. The prison offers a guided tour where you can hear about the history of the site, learn about the political segregation of republican and loyalist prisoners, when women and children were held at the prison, and why the prison was closed.

One of the most interesting places we visited was the underground tunnel that used to connect the Crumlin Road Gaol to the Crumlin Road Courthouse. It was interesting to hear about the process of getting the prisoners through the tunnel and avoiding the Republicans and Loyalists from meeting...which happened quite often.

We also visited the condemned mans cell which made me feel so confused. I did find myself quite emotional but I was able to hold it in, until we were then shown the execution cell where the majority of the 17 men were hanged.
1863 – The execution of Daniel Ward, 8th April.
1876 – The execution of John Daly, April 27th.
1889 – The execution of Arthur McKeown, 14th January.
1901 – The execution of William Woods, 1st November. A new stone execution chamber was used for the first time in C Wing.
1909 – The execution of Richard Justin, 19th August.
1922 – The execution of Simon McGeown, 17th August.
1922 – The execution of Michael J Pratley, 8th May.
1928 – The execution of William Smiley, 8th August.
1930 – The execution of Samuel Cushnahan, 8th April.
1931 – The execution of Thomas Dornan, 31st July.
1932 – The execution of Eddie Cullins, 3rd March.
1933 – The execution of Harold Courtney, 7th April.
1942 – The execution of Thomas Joseph Williams, 2nd September.
1961 – The execution of Samuel McLaughlin, 25th July.
1961 – Last execution: Robert McGladdery, 20th December. He was found guilty of the murder of Pearl Gamble near Newry in Co Down.
1854 – First execution. Robert Henry O’Neill, soldier, 21st June. His body and 14 others, are still interred in unmarked graves within the grounds of the Gaol.

It was a strange feeling. As we saw the rope I felt my eyes fill with tears and goosebumps covered my body. As everyone else walked downstairs, to where they would place the body in a coffin, I stayed by the rope and took a few moments to let those feelings take over.
Although maybe these men deserved to be executed there is always that possibility that they were actually guilty and falsly accused. Plus, I believe in spirits remaining in certain places and so on and I guess this was the kind of place that I can imagine being full of spirits.

I went downstairs and joined the others, thinking I wouldn't cry again, until the tour guide told us about children getting whipped. Having to face away and not see who it was who was whipping them.
A 10 year old boy committed suicide because he couldn't face being whipped. At that point heavy tears filled my eyes and fell down my face.
I pictured my children and although they wouldn't (hopefully!!) ever do anything that would have caused them to be whipped or be in prison at all it's hard to hear anything about children and to not picture your own.
I think the guide saw that I was upset and he swiftly took all 8 of us up the stairs and outside.
After a short walk around the tour came to an end.

It was such a fantastic experience and somewhere I would recommend everyone to visit. I would definitely visit again.
If not just to listen to the Northern Irish accent from our amazing tour guide.



Castletown #TT2015

I know right, surely the hashtag on this title is wrong? Surely that should say 2016?
Well no. Little Miss Lazy Pants here just became so overwhelmed with life last year that I didn't get round to posting about all the beautiful places we went.
One of my total favourites, and one we didn't manage to visit again this year, was Castletown.

Jumping on the back of my brothers bike I always put my trust in him to take us somewhere cool. He has this fantastic knowledge of the island and never wants to waste a day. We'll pull up somewhere, I'll pause and say "Off?" and he'll park the bike up and we discover wherever it is we just landed.
Castletown was one of those places. I immediately fell in love with the quayside/dock area. It was kind of eerie as it was so quiet and almost felt deserted.

We went for a short walk by the water, walking around the corner by some cute cottages and then towards the sea wall.
Being the wimp that I am I couldn't get onto the sea wall, however, my brother could and I will always love the photos I took of him up there.
We stood/sat for a while, just watching the sea roll in and crash against the rocks. All that was missing was a pint (and one/both of the Dunlop brothers) and it would have been even more perfect.


Just Ours

A couple of weeks ago I had a rare Saturday off work. As it was my weekend with the boys I decided to take them away to Woburn and after collecting them from after school club we finished packing the car, went to McDonalds for a quick and easy dinner and then headed off.
The boys have this weird excitement when it comes to Premier Inn so I booked us a cute one to stay in that was a short drive to Woburn Safari Park.

On the Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at the adjoining pub. I've never stayed in a hotel just me and the boys before so going for breakfast and having to look over both of them was different, however they are at an age where they can be trusted and where I am giving them a bit more freedom to make their own choices and to have some independence. We'll excuse the teary moment when Harry went over to our waiter and asked his name, then said "I'm Harry. This is my brother, his name is Charles". The waiter held his hand out and they shook hands. I felt so proud of Harry's manners and confidence.
We had to pop to the Supermarket because I'd stupidly forgotten to bring socks and already had blisters from my boots, and we also picked up some bits for a picnic.

I was so excited to finally get to the Safari park. I still had happy memories of going there as a child and loved that I was creating similar memories for my own children. And I couldn't wait to drive around too.
I promised the boys the best experience in the monkey enclosure. They (well, Charles mostly) were worried about the monkeys damaging the car to which I replied "I don't care. It will be worth it". Damage can be fixed after all.

At one point we had 5 monkeys on the car, they helpfully kept picking the leaves out of my bonnet, saving me a job, and kept play fighting...or real fighting?!...and jumping over the window and roof.
The laughter and excitement from the boys made it totally worth it.

I do get a bit emotional at times like that. Sadness that we're not the family unit I thought we would be but also happiness that I am able to do this by myself. And that it was because of me (and the monkeys!) that they were sat there laughing and giggling and calling each others names so neither missed out.

At one point we sat in the monkey enclosure without moving for around 20 minutes. Cars drove round us. I didn't want to move the car and stop the laughter from the boys and ignored and moaning from other people wanting me to move on.
This was our moment, our experience and our day to create some special memories.

That night, just as the night before, we all snuggled in to the double bed, ignoring the single bed made up by the window, and talked about our best bits from the day.
And they both thanked me.
That made it worth it. The fact that they were thankful for the memories we had created and for that special time we spent together.
For those memories and that time that was just ours.

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