Lust List | June 2017

Although I've had a Pinterest account for a long time now I had mostly used it for quotes. Until two years ago when I discovered tattoos and then more recently I've become absolutely obsessed with it.
Pinning tattoos, nails, make up, hair, quotes and articles.

I wanted to put together monthly posts..."Lust Lists" sharing basically what I have been lusting after the most.

After seeing and falling in love with the lip colour Jamie Genevieve used in her summer make up tutorial I desperately had to get it. I went shopping with a friend of mine and we managed to find a Boots that sold the colour Jamie was wearing and I had a serious lust fest over the other colours in the range. I wanted to see how well the soft matte lip cream lasted before I went and bought more colours and so far I am impressed and have therefore made a list of future purchases.

With my holiday to the Isle of Man planned I was being positive about what the weather would be like and decided to go shopping for some shorts. I absolutely love denim shorts. Knee length ones don't suit me at all so I do tend to go for shorter shorts...especially as I also have my thigh tattoo which I do like to show off.
I loved these shorts I found in Peacocks. They only cost £10 and were super comfortable and stretchy. I find that Peacocks can be a bit hit and miss with quality but these are fantastic and really well made. I have a special soft spot for the 90's stripe pair too. 

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