December 2017 Lust List

I'm so excited as my boyfriend and I have booked our first holiday together for July!
We are flying with British Airways and have an allowance of a handbag and then a cabin bag and are hoping to be able to manage with that and not having to pay for additional luggage.
Perfect excuse to buy a lovely piece of cabin luggage right? I am totally impatient and couldn't help but to instantly start looking when he booked the flights.
I think the best thing about cabin luggage is that you can go a bit fancy, without fear of it being chucked about by the baggage staff.
It's been a dream of mine for years to own a Tripp suitcase. I love the look of them and the hard cases really appeal to me in terms of how robust they could be...potentially.
I also love the beautiful floral cases from River Island too. January Sales...fingers crossed!

It seems like these lust lists aren't complete without a collage of nail or tattoo lust.
With my final nail appointment of 2017 due and the colour on my last two visits being chosen by my nail technician because I am so indecisive I thought in advance about what style and theme I want to go for.
Classy, cosy with a hint of winter.


Caturday December 2017

The reason I wanted a kitten was because I felt this overwhelming urge to love something new. To nurture and to feel wanted and needed. 
It wasn't until this week that I realised that actually, maybe it wasn't completely down to me wanting to love something new. 

As I remembered the first messages I sent to my mum when Forest first came home. As I thought about the things I say to him over and over. 

"He loves me already
"You really do love me"

I realised that more than giving out love, I wanted to receive it. 
It wasn't about me wanting something new to love, not completely anyway, but was mostly about feeling love from something. 

And in Forest I have that....probably a lot more than I expected. 

He follows me around everywhere I go and at night time likes to cuddle up with me, as close as he can, and go to sleep. Preferring to lay across me or on me where and when possible. 
I can only just excuse the stupid o clock wake ups where he pokes and prods me to wake me up for me to give him a little cuddle and then go to back to sleep. Although his new obsession of clawing my hair and scalp is not my favourite. 

We're now two months into this amazing cat being part of our family and not a lot has changed. He is still super confident. Massively affectionate. 
The only change that has happened in the last month is a name change. He now goes by Forest or Ainsley...due to my boyfriend renaming him. 
Annoyingly...Ainsley really suits him and has kind of stuck. 

I've tried to give him a little bit of freedom and will let him out but he returns in seconds, choosing to be more of a house cat. 

The introduction of a Christmas Tree and Christmas lights went better than I expected....until this morning when the tree was knocked down and our poor Angel was decapitated. 

And two months on he still adores me just like he did in the beginning. He is always by my side and gets quite upset when I leave him to have a bath. We've now had 2 incidents which involved him getting wet because he couldn't not be apart from me and thought it would be ok to jump up and lay on my shoulders and my head.
I also still absolutely adore him. He 100% filled that void I had.


November 2017 Lust List

I joined the gym in November and although I had some running leggings or whatever you'd like to call them, I always struggle with tops. I want something thin but oversized and I am amazed usually by how much these cost....when essentially there isn't a huge amount of material.
Sports Direct had loads to choose from and I ended up with a few in my basket...although they are still sitting there whilst I decide which ones to purchase!

I was given the chance to choose some items from an online store this week and spent every day lusting after countless pairs of shoes and boots.
My final selection and top of my lust list are these 3 beauties.
Review will be coming in the next month.