December 2017 Lust List

I'm so excited as my boyfriend and I have booked our first holiday together for July!
We are flying with British Airways and have an allowance of a handbag and then a cabin bag and are hoping to be able to manage with that and not having to pay for additional luggage.
Perfect excuse to buy a lovely piece of cabin luggage right? I am totally impatient and couldn't help but to instantly start looking when he booked the flights.
I think the best thing about cabin luggage is that you can go a bit fancy, without fear of it being chucked about by the baggage staff.
It's been a dream of mine for years to own a Tripp suitcase. I love the look of them and the hard cases really appeal to me in terms of how robust they could be...potentially.
I also love the beautiful floral cases from River Island too. January Sales...fingers crossed!

It seems like these lust lists aren't complete without a collage of nail or tattoo lust.
With my final nail appointment of 2017 due and the colour on my last two visits being chosen by my nail technician because I am so indecisive I thought in advance about what style and theme I want to go for.
Classy, cosy with a hint of winter.

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