Five Things | Why Tenerife Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

I have visited Tenerife three times now and fully expect to return again.
It was on my bucket list to visit Tenerife with the boys for a particular reason, which you will see below.
I'm working with  Holiday Gems to bring you Five of my reasons why Tenerife is the perfect holiday destination.

Suitable for couples and families

My first two holidays to Tenerife with my ex-husband and his parents which was an age range of 18-55. It was perfect for us all to be able to enjoy ourselves and find things to do to keep us all happy. 
Holidaying there with the boys was just as perfect and again, we were able to find things to keep us all happy and we even did things I had done during my previous two visits.
There are plenty of areas on the island to keep everyone happy and to suit everyone's tastes. 
Quiet villages or party areas too. Ideal for all ages.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

When I visited Tenerife before I had children we went out on a boat trip to see the Whales and Dolphins. I loved it so much that from that moment I stuck it on my bucket list that when I had children I would take them to Tenerife and we would go out on a boat trip.
Last year we went to Tenerife with my mum and I said that I didn't mind what we did, as long as we got to cross this off my bucket list.
I find it amazing, and a little emotional, to see these animals out in their own environment and habitat.
It was lovely being able to look out for the animals and then getting to relax on the boat and go for a swim in the sea if you wanted to. 
This is something I would do every time I go to Tenerife and highly recommend to everyone.

Loro Parque

I have visited Loro Parque twice now and I absolutely love it. Although it can be hard to walk around when it is super hot, make sure you have lots of suncream and water!
With a variety of different animals, and spacious, well kept enclosures this is safely one of my favourite zoo's I have ever been to.
I find that there are some zoo's that you can struggle to spend a full day at, but Loro Parque is one where you can spend all day and still want to go back and see more.
The boys loved it there and despite us going to Tenerife in the school holidays it was surprisingly not too busy.

Monkey Park, Los Cristianos

Annoyingly I only found out about Monkey Park in September this year when my best friend went on holiday to Tenerife with her fiance and their daughter.
I was full of envy as she sent me photos of her feeding monkeys and being able to hold them. Having researched the park I have discovered that it is described as a "compact zoo and breeding centre for endangered primates, with walk-through cages and feeding allowed". 
This, I feel, has given me a great excuse to go back to Tenerife!

Guaranteed Hot Weather

One of the main reasons to go to Tenerife, and the other Canary islands, is that you are pretty much guaranteed hot weather all year round. Making it the perfect place to holiday throughout the year.
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