January 2018 Lust List

I really enjoyed doing my Lust Lists every month last year so really wanted to do them again this year.

I used to stick to a theme of two chosen lusts each month...however this month I have been lusting over a lot more.

Firstly, I know I've mentioned it a lot already but with two holidays abroad this year and a recent clear out of my bag collection I wanted a beach bag just to stick towels in and essentials. This is mainly for Fuerteventura but also will be handy to keep in the rental car when we go to Cyprus.
Below are a few that I found and fell in love with.
Spoiler...I bought the Vacay bag in the sale for just £5!
I want to get my sleeve finished this year and with two clear ideas to fill up the space I searched Pinterest for flower tattoos initially. I need one to fill the space at the top of my sleeve just above my teacup and next to my Russian Doll. I felt like a flower would be the prettiest option especially one which isn't too fussy and is quite subtle with colours.

For a while I have wanted a pig and a tortoise tattoo. With the arrival of my tortoises into our family I am now set on the tortoise tattoo being part of my sleeve. I do love the mish-mash of all of my tattoos but also how they all fit my life and my story which brings them perfectly together.

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