The Material Aspects of Ending a Long-Term Relationship

Breaking up with someone is never easy, and the situation can get even messier when you’ve been together for a long time for various reasons. It’s not just the emotional side of things either – you also have to deal with various logistical issues that can make things even more complicated. When you’ve made the difficult decision to pull the plug on the relationship, you must be prepared to deal with the additional issues that will present themselves almost immediately. Having a contingency plan for this is never a bad idea, even if you’re feeling confident and happy in your current relationship.
Organize Possessions Now, Before It’s Too Late
A long-term relationship usually means sharing many physical assets, exchanging things of value and other similar acts. This can make things very messy when you need to break up, especially if you realize that half of your prized possessions are in the other person’s apartment.
It’s not any easier when you consider the opposite option either, as having to return items of value means having to get in direct contact with the person you’ve just broken up with. Opening fresh wounds is far from a good idea when dealing with a situation like this, so make sure that you deal with any items that might have to be exchanged as soon as possible. Even that old hoodie of yours can cause a surprising amount of problems.
Take Care of the Financial Matters
If the relationship was even more serious, you might be looking at things like shared bank accounts and other financial assets. This is where things can get really complicated, and knowing how to close a joint bank account well in advance can save you from a lot of headache.
Some banks can make the process slightly more difficult than others, but the standard procedure is always the same. Knowing how it goes can never hurt, especially if you have a larger number of assets that you share with your significant other.
Cancel Any Subscriptions You Use Together
And on that note, you should also think about smaller details like your Netflix account, Spotify subscription, and so on. Couples share these all the time, and it’s often understandable that the main owner of the account is going to want to keep using it for themselves after the relationship is over, but it’s good to communicate this in advance.
In some cases you have no choice – such as if the account is in the name of one person, but the other is paying the subscription bill. You’ll need to ensure that there is no confusion over who gets to continue using the account, which can get a bit more complicated if both partners want to retain their customized profiles or something along those lines.

People usually don’t look at the material aspect of ending a relationship until they actually have to deal with that, and by that time, it’s much more difficult to get an objective overview of the situation and act calmly. Familiarizing yourself with the common details that you’ll have to face is not being selfish, it’s just a sensible thing to do.
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