Sundays #3

I always used to enjoy reading Charlottes 'Weekend Posts' and it's something I've wanted to take inspiration from for a while. Particularly since being with my boyfriend as my weekends aren't spent all lonely by myself wondering what to do.
I work every Saturday so my alternative to a weekend post is to document my Sundays. Sometimes its just a lazy day but I am now trying to make more of an effort, even if it is a home day I try to at least make it special by making a good breakfast or having something really nice for dinner.
Ahhhhh Mothering Sunday. 
The Sunday we all wish, and hope, and pray for a day of peace, quiet, rest and well behaved children.
Of course this is the one day they will do as I ask and stay in bed past 7am. That they will listen to the request of staying in bed as long as they can.
.......6.30am they are downstairs, and I accept that any form of a lay in is out of the cards. 
It was rather sweet. I opened my bedroom door to find my present, however I walked past it more wanting them to hand me my gift.
I came downstairs to the smell of coffee. They'd made a coffee for me and my boyfriend (albeit a bit strong but the effort was massively appreciated) and I opened my lovely cards from them and opened my beautiful Buddha head.
I wanted to watch some classic Disney. Dumbo wasn't available on Sky Movies so we opted for Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Did you know that Angela Lansbury is now 92??!! Aged gracefully and absolutely beautiful. 

I made us all a little breakfast of sausage, bacon and toast (and mushrooms for me and my boyfriend) and then we all got dressed, and Harry handed me the badge he had made me to wear that day.
I quickly popped into my mums to give her her card and the two candles I bought her then we headed over to Norfolk, basically for a long drive and to help my boyfriend out with something.
On the way back we stopped off at Morrisons Cafe for a coffee and cake and picked up some bits for dinner. My boyfriend managed to get some reduced cooked chickens so that was our roast sorted! 
I let the boys choose some new pyjamas and Harry pick some trainers and then we drove home. 

The boys were bathed, and I decided to look online to see if Jim Davidson was on tour in our area this year. Nothing showed up so I thought I would look at local theatres to see if there was anyone interesting coming up. 
Then I saw that he is in Great Yarmouth in July, two days after my boyfriends birthday, so I bought us tickets for that. I'm really excited as I've grown up watching Jim Davidson on my tv and find him really funny so am looking forward to that. 

We all ate our roast and the rest of the evening was pretty dull and uneventful, other than doing my Oracle Cards. This time I meditated and spent some time running a question through my head, but the cards didn't seem to refer to that so I'm wondering if they are trying to get me to focus on something else and to tell me that the question I was asking was irrelevant or unnecessary to my life....or something I needn't worry about. 
It didn't unsettle me but it's made me more aware of what my cards have to offer.

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