Sundays #5


This Sunday was a boy Sunday with the added bonus of having my boyfriend too. 
We did well with the clocks going forward, surprisingly, as I'd asked them to stay in bed until 7.30 (and was basing this on the clock I hadn't put forward).
At 7.18 I heard a "Mummy, we stayed in bed. Can we get up now?". Up they got and I put the clock forward to 8.30....it felt like a mild achievement.
The only two things I really had planned for the day were going to a local vintage shop as they had a sale and I've wanted some new dining chairs for quite a while, and a roast dinner.

We got up, breakfasted the boys and I prepped our vegetables for dinner. I helped Harry to tie his shoelaces as my nanny just bought him a new pair of shoes with laces and he doesn't know how to tie them himself. He didn't do too bad for a first attempt. 
Then we headed out to Beccles to the vintage shop. I straight away found 2 chairs that were exactly what I wanted...and they were only £5!! I found another two which were also that cheap but they didn't match. I almost went for those too but thankfully went inside and found two matching chairs that were £15 each...managed to get those down to £10 each and happily handed over £30 for 4 beautiful wooden chairs which will at some point be repainted.
We saw my mum and her boyfriend there and the boys went off to have a look around with them and me and my boyfriend had a look around too. 
I managed to stop myself from buying a 1987 Isle of Man Ordnance Map (but I really wanted it!!) but did buy a fish knife and fork set for £2.50. Again, a lovely set. 
I seem to have a think for old cutlery. The cutlery we use at home used to belong to my nanny. She sent a few things over from Somerset when me and the boys got this house and the cutlery is one of my favourite things. 

As everyone was well behaved I said I would treat us to cake and a drink at a local garden centre. We drove there, had delicious cake and had a little look round.
The spring flowers looked so beautiful. I'm now regretting not buying any to put in the planters at the front of my house, but we were all distracted by the bees. There were so many of them and we were watching them work. My boyfriend got a little attached to one of them and it was letting him stroke it. It was quite sweet to watch. 
I bought some tubs, and a baking tray. 

As we left I asked if anyone wanted to go to the horse sanctuary nearby. I haven't ever been and me and the boys attempted to go a few weekends ago but decided against it because it was so cold. 
It is free entry which actually we were quite glad about as we weren't there for long at all and it was super basic. 
It was lovely to see the horses, and we all got pretty attached to the Shetland Ponies. I know people have said before how horses are spiritual animals and I had this lovely moment with one of the ponies. He came over to me, his mane hanging down his face everywhere. I usually don't enjoy stroking horses or ponies etc but this one I couldn't resist. 
I was knelt down and he brought his head closer to mine. I had an urge to put my head against his and we stayed for a few minutes with our heads resting against each other. Almost like forehead to forehead. I felt so safe and content and it was a really lovely, beautiful moment. 

We then left and popped to the supermarket to grab dessert and a couple of bits for a mid afternoon lunch and then came home.
Me and my boyfriend pretty much collapsed on the sofa when we got in. The boys went and played outside. 
The weather had been so lovely, we were convinced Spring was here and it was surprisingly warm. 
I think that, the fresh air and the busy morning, had wiped us out. 

We had a little lunch of homemade potato salad, and a pork pie, and just chilled out for the rest of the afternoon. 
I got a bit of housework done, even though it didn't even look like it. Got the old chairs piled up and the new ones around the table. 

The rest of the evening was our chicken roast...which was amazing if I do say so myself. I think I exceeded myself with the pigs in blankets especially.
The boys had a bath, dessert and went to bed surprisingly with no trouble  It was reasonably dark at 8pm so that probably helped.
After having a bath ourselves and sorting some washing we then sat down to watch a film. We only got halfway through until we decided it was bed time as my boyfriend has to get up early to leave for work. 

It was a really lovely Sunday and I really enjoyed myself. 

I can't wait for more with that sort of weather. If it was a taster of what is to come in the next couple months then I am really excited.

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