Why get a hair transplant?

I think that when it comes to certain cosmetic procedures, it's easier for women to come forward to admitting to having work done or for seeking help.
Breast implants, lip fillers, botox and so on, probably because it's more common for women to have any cosmetic work and there isn't as much of a stigma attached to it.
There's also the issue of grey hair for example. Me and my brother both started going grey in our early 20's, and it is more acceptable for me to dye my hair to cover the grey than it would be for my brother to do it.

Whereas for men, I think it's a little more of an issue to be brave and say "Hey, I'm not happy with X, Y, Z, and I'm going to do something about it".
There is a lot more judgement, a lot more comments, and almost that fear of losing their masculinity and "going soft" (which isn't the case whatsoever).

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about having a hair transplant.
I was amazed, and felt a real sense of respect for him for not only having it done, but for being so open about it.

In my two years of single life, I found that a lot of men I talked to on dating sites, or went on dates with, were bald. Now that was either just me being attracted to them or the fact that there were more bald men out there....or a mixture of the two.
Whether it be due to a receding hairline, or patches of hair loss, it results in men then feeling like they need to shave their whole head. Which is fine if that looks suits you, and if you are confident about it.
But what if it doesn't suit you? Or if it knocks your confidence?

Why get a hair transplant?

I think the biggest reason is for confidence. I don't like to use the word vanity because it's not about being vane. And as someone who has had lip fillers I understand that it's about feeling more like yourself, and lets face it, there are people out there who will make comments and jokes related to receding hairlines, bald patches and hair loss and that doesn't help with confidence. So if there is a way to avoid that, then why not?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplant method exclusively performed for patients at the Harley Street Hair Clinic.
An experienced doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area, which tends to be the back of the neck as this is an area that is unaffected by hairloss, and transfers these to the scalp in groups of one to four hairs.
The surgery is performed under local aesthetic with short recovery, low risk of complications and isn't very invasive. Due to it being a simple procedure, it doesn't leave any scaring or noticeable marks.

However not everyone is suitable for it, so as with any kind of surgery it is best to speak to a surgeon to discuss what you want the results to be, and why you are doing it.

Research exactly what you want from it, costs and look into call backs and consultations before deciding whether or not this is right for you.

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