A Sunset at Castillo Harbour

When we went to Fuerteventura we stayed in Caleta de Fuste. I hadn't really researched the areas in Fuerteventura before I booked accommodation, more being aware that we weren't too far from the airport.
I knew we were on the coast though and from conversations with customers at work I felt confident about my choice, although still didn't research a huge amount about the area before going.
We'd originally planned to stay in the area and relax, which is another reason why I didn't research too much. When we were there we then decided to hire a car, but did still walk into town every night anyway. I was quite proud of us for that and for not letting the car make us super lazy.

One night, after we had cooked dinner in the villa, we walked into town and went a little further to the Harbour. I absolutely loved this area in the daytime, I wish we'd spent more time there really, and at night time it was even more special.

It was lovely to just walk around, to watch the fish in the water and the crabs on the rocks. To watch the boats bobbing up and down on the calm water and to watch the sun go down.
A romantic evening walk...even when your boyfriend likes to embarrass you in front of other people by pretending he doesn't know you when you grab him from behind and take a photo with him.

If you ever stay in this area of Fuerteventura it is definitely worth a walk down to in the evening. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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