Sundays #10

I have been looking forward to this Sunday for a while now. 
It's 5 years this year since I met Hayley at Britmums Live and our friendship is still super strong. I think I will always wish to live closer to her and her family. 
We don't see each other much due to the distance and the long drive so we try to fit in a meet as and when we can. The last time we saw each other was September (I think) or around that time as I was going to a work conference near Hayley so spent the evening before there.

I was due to go to Cambridge this weekend for my friends hen weekend but due to moving house and a holiday to Cyprus in July I couldn't afford it. However, I had planned to see Hayley on the Sunday and as it wasn't going to cost me any money (other than fuel obvs) and not knowing when we will be able to see each other again for a while, I kept that plan.
I actually ended up travelling up on the Saturday night after work and didn't get there until almost 10 o clock. 

Making the most of our time we didn't actually end up going to bed until 5am as we were catching up on a lot of things you can't really type on Whatsapp. 

The rest of the day was so lovely. I adore Hayley's children and Honor has always made me want a daughter. I do worry that it might be awkward as I don't see them often but they are so comfortable with me and so lovely. 
They had arranged to take me somewhere special for breakfast but wouldn't tell me where. 
After Hayley mentioned it on a phonecall whilst we were driving there I Googled and saw it was a bikers cafe! 
I did not though expect it to be as ME as it was. 
There were photos of TT riders, metal motorbike signs I love and would want to collect if I wasn't trying to now be a lot more minimalist. Oh it was just amazing. I stood there with tears in my eyes for quite a while.

We then took the children to soft play and then went back to their house and snuggled to watch a film.

It was just such a lovely feeling to have that relationship with them all even though we live far away and don't see each other often. 
I ended up heading home at just gone 7pm and thankfully the drive was pretty straight forward and I got home to the cats and tortoises (and super freezing house!!) at 9.30. 

The next couple of Sunday's are going to be crazy busy as it is the last Sunday with the boys in the house and then the Sunday after I will be moving in my new house. 
I am really stressed and anxious about the whole thing but I was so grateful to have a day with Hayley to take my mind off what is to come.

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