Sundays #6

I didn't have the boys today and my boyfriend was on call. As I haven't seen him since last week I decided to head over to North Norfolk to spend some time with him.
After getting up, sorting my cats and the tortoises and making myself a coffee, having a bath, I ended up leaving later than I had planned.
I needed petrol so headed to Asda...surprised to see the petrol station closed I had a little panic! 
Thankfully the other petrol stations in the area were open so after filling up (£££) I got going.

We didn't really have a plan for the day. We're a little limited with how far we can go but with it being North Norfolk you don't have to go far to find somewhere nice.
We thought about heading to Wells-Next-The-Sea, however after getting there we realised that parking was going to be a nightmare so instead carried on driving through. 
We found a little fish and chip shop so stopped there for lunch. We drove a little further, with the food in the paper bag, and found a cute church with space for parking so we pulled up and ate there. 
It was such a beautiful church that once we finished our lunch we had a walk around the cemetery and had a look in the church.

It was nice to be able to have a look inside the church. I always think its a sign of a good community when they trust the doors to be left unlocked for people to come and go. 
The church was clearly decorated for the Easter service as the flowers were beautiful. 
We left a message in the book and then went for a little drive before parking up at a nearby woodland and having a nap in the back of my boyfriends van. 
I think it's a sign of true love to drive over an hour to visit someone and then you both enjoy an afternoon nap together. 

We then went back to get my car, had a coffee and booked the parking for our upcoming holiday. 
We said our goodbyes, as we're not seeing each other for another week now, and I drove home.

When I got in I, again, sorted the cats and tortoises. Had a little something for dinner and watched the last half an hour of The Generation Game. As someone who was once a massive fan of the show I was really disappointed with it. 

I then got ready for bed, and decided to finally open my holiday savings tin. I was glad I did as it was a great end to the day. I realised I had saved almost triple what I thought I had! Although there's no way I will need all of that so the money I don't need will be going towards any furniture I need when I move house next month...downside of leaving a house which has fitted wardrobes and drawers in my room.

It was such a lovely day. Stating the obvious but I always enjoy any amount of time I spend with my boyfriend. He is so funny and never fails in making me laugh...even when he doesn't mean to. 

I forgot to take my camera so have got some photos taken on my phone instead. 

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