Your office’s front lawns can look better than before – with these 10 ideas

A well-maintained office lawn adds to the reputation of the company and can even boost trust of the clients.

Here are 10 awesome ideas to enhance the beauty of lawns.

1. To maintain a green lawn in all seasons, it is very necessary to use fertilizers from time to time. Fertilizing the lawn properly will ensure dense turf that has healthy, dark green color. It is best to fertilize the lawns during the fall season because the grasses will die anyway when the snow covers them up, and new growth will start only after the season is over. Using nitrogen enriched formula for fertilization is a good idea, but one has to keep in mind that every turf has different necessities and thus their nutrition factors must be noted from the seller or other professional, in order to take good care of them.

2. Watering the lawns regularly during the dry season is very important to keep the turf looking fresh and green. Even if the grasses turn brown and look as if they have dried up, they will recover once the season changes. A network of sprinklers can be used to water the turf evenly without much effort and avoid overwatering. Artificial turfs are gaining popularity as they are single time investments that last in the same way, for years, without any maintenance. These faux turf beds also have a well-established network of drainage under them to avoid water retention in rainy seasons.

3. Mowing is very crucial to keep lawns looking clean and inviting to walk on it. The blades of any machine used for mowing must be very sharp or else it can simply uproot the grasses and make the lawn look uneven with empty patches here and there. Mowing the lawns, approximately, once in every three days might be required during the summer season when the growth is very fast and mowing them once in a week should suffice during the autumn when the growth slows down. Using artificial turf is also a great idea, as they need no mowing and feels almost like natural turf under bare foot if the good quality material is used.

4. Using paver and ground covers to make walkways in the lawn is also a great concept. Different patterns can also be created using the pavers to give a unique feel to the lawns. The arrangement of paving ways with the turf underneath showing between them enhances the beauty of lawns. The pave ways can be arranged to make a path for taking strolls, without doing any damage to the dense turf around the lawn.

5. Sometimes keeping weeds away becomes a great problem in lawns especially when the nature of the soil is acidic. Thus instead of wasting time on chasing them away, consider growing beautiful flowering weeds that will adorn the lawns. Clover is a weed that has beautiful flowers and can be worth considering growing in the lawns as they restore nitrogen in the soil, which is a very important component of all the fertilizers made for turfs. Along with that they also retain moisture in the soil. Dandelion is another great weed that can be considered for growing in areas where the soil is hard. Moreover, dandelions also have the ability to repel armyworms which can propose a great problem for lawns otherwise.

6. Beautiful lawns need appealing benches, summer houses and sitting areas to enjoy their beauty to the fullest. These are also useful for holding meetings with the clients over a cup of tea in the lawn. Maintaining dense turfs in lawns can sometimes be problematic for some areas which gets maximum footfalls. Converting such areas to sitting zones is a great idea that will also make the lawns very useful and engaging.

7. Keeping it simple is the key to enhance the beauty of lawns. Thus incorporating a monochromatic theme to color the summer houses and sitting areas will not only make them look very elegant, but will also ensure that it goes with the formal environment that most of the offices have. Using cutleries and all other decoration stuff like umbrellas, flowerpots, towels, curtains etc. of the same color as that of the summer house or benches in the sitting area will make the whole look come together.

8. Planting trees and sectioning the lawn using borders made from stone, wood etc. will make the lawns look a little interesting than just having dense turf all over the area. Since it takes very long to grow a tree, so if the lawn has been totally cleared of all the trees then consider buying artificial trees that look indistinguishable from the real ones without close investigation. Setting up faux trees will also ensure that there will be no hassle of clearing the dry leaves or rotten flowers and fruits in the surrounding area.

9. Screening all the walls with greenery can enhance the look and feel of the lawn. Consider using hedges to do this task. There are several variety of hedges available in the market, boxwood being the most common of them all, can grow over 2 meters in height, thus making it a perfect fit for hiding all the walls around the lawns. The thick green coverage of these hedges obviously needs good care to look same throughout the year and hence faux hedges can also be considered as a good replacement of the natural ones.

10. When we think of lawns, we do not usually consider or imagine the way that they will look during the night or at evenings. We forget to think that lawns can entertain and uplift the moods of people equally at night if we take consider lighting the surrounding areas. A beautifully lighted lawn can serve the purpose of holding meetings or office parties during the evening.
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