Sundays #13

This was our first Sunday in the new house and with a lot of unpacking to do I didn't really achieve too much in that area. 
I did a little bit, the odd box here and there but the morning was spent getting ready for my friends baby shower and leaving do.
The day was pretty relaxed and we didn't get up to much.

In the morning I left my boyfriend at home and me and the boys went into town to buy some balloons, a couple of cards and the boys chose a little pink teddy for the baby too.
We popped to the supermarket to get some lunch and headed home.

After lunch I got a little bit more done in the house, did my hair and at 4 o clock we headed to the pub to meet my friends. 
Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as we'd hoped it would be and it was quite chilly but the boys had fun by the river and I was so grateful for my boyfriend as he really kept an eye on them for me. 
By 7pm the boys were hungry and the mist had started to roll in which made the temperature drop. 

The boys and my boyfriend had all voted KFC for dinner...Except Harry changed his mind so we drove to McDonald's to get him dinner then went to KFC for the rest of us. 
After a bath the boys went to bed and my boyfriend and I watched the rest of The Godfather which we had started Saturday night. 

The whole day seemed to go really quickly and I think I had stressed so much about my friends baby shower and was disappointed with certain aspects of it but the main thing was that we were there and got to spend a couple of hours together. I think you learn a lot about respect and importance when you try and plan something like that. 

The below photo is one Harry took at the baby shower. I think it is really cute, despite the finger in the way of the camera.

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