Sundays #14

On Saturday night, once I'd finished work, we headed off to Thetford Forest in my boyfriends VW T4 for a night of Wild Camping. 

It was lovely as we met up with his best friend and his partner. We all cooked our dinner, and sat around chatting until almost midnight. 
I'd not done wild camping before so it was a lovely experience, despite being woken up by a big car pulling up with a yappy dog in the morning.

After we'd had a breakfast of sausages and eggs in a bap the others went home and we decided to drive to St Helens and go for a walk by the river there. 
It was such a lovely warm day and the river was quite busy. There is a church near the river so we went inside to have a look and then walked back to the van and headed across Norfolk...longer journey than I had planned...to St Benets Abbey. 
I love this abbey and the area. It was even more beautiful due to the weather, despite some teenagers deciding it was a good spot to go drinking (seriously, it wasn't a good spot for drinking so they ruined it a little) and the amount of fresh cow pats on the ground we had a lovely walk.

We popped into the supermarket on the way home to get a tub of ice cream and also picked up some noodles and sauce to go with the chicken we were having for dinner. We had chicken legs and I did an almost 'one tray' style dinner. Chicken legs, peppers, onions and sweet potato with the sauce mixed in and cooked in the oven for just over an hour. Served with egg noodles it was amazing, if I do say so myself. 

We watched a bit of Godfather 2 and then headed to bed.
It's funny how being out in the sun can make you feel so tired isn't it?
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