Things I Learnt From Being On a Nudist Beach

When we went on holiday we wanted to find a quiet beach to relax on. We went to one but felt it was too busy and ended up heading back a little bit to a quieter part...which also happened to be a nudist beach.

Although we had no intentions of actually going nude we still settled ourselves down in one of the pods that are self built there and protect your modesty and we really liked it to keep ourselves hidden away.
I chose to wear a bikini, for the first time in 17 years. I thought back to the last time I wore one and how self conscious I was despite not yet having children and having a good figure.
Yet now....here I am...at my heaviest, messy body due to children and bread, but actually feeling confident enough to embrace who I am and the skin I am in. Not influenced by anyone else apart from the pretty Matalan bikini that I couldn't resist.

So anyway, these pods were great for just feeling a little more body confident because although I wasn't hiding away, I still felt a little bit of privacy not being so out in the open unless I chose to stand up or walk down to the sea.

With most experiences I have in life I do like to look back and to at least learn something about it and to be honest, this was a beach...I didn't expect to learn anything from a visit to the beach.

However...going to a nudist beach I thought I would feel uncomfortable and not know where to look.
I'm not going to lie but when you see a naked man or a naked woman walk past you can't help but to look, you just can't.
And it's down to this that I learnt things from being on a nudist beach.

There is nothing sexual about it.

A nudist beach isn't full of horny old men looking to perv over slim naked young women. You won't find a beach full of people having a mass orgy let alone see any couple having sex openly on the beach.
It's not like a pick up point or dogging spot where you can see the goods before you have a go.

Age, size, shape doesn't matter. Confidence does.

You don't have to be a certain age, size, or shape to go to a nudist beach. The main thing is having confidence. Feeling good in your own skin is all that matters. No one goes there to show off, or if they do no one is paying any attention. You don't have to make sure you are trimmed a certain way or feel like you can't go if you have a hairy back. You don't have to be perfectly symetrical, if you have one breast that is slightly bigger than the other it is ok. You don't have to have super soft, flawless skin, if you have stretch marks whether they are faded and silver or red and purple stripes, you are still welcome.

No one is there to judge you or see you. No one there will be offended by you.

The same as above really. Because there are people of all different shapes and sizes and ages no one is going to judge you. No one is there specifically to see you. They are there to spend a day at the beach. To be free themselves and not to spy and spectate on your day.
No one is going to say "You there, put some clothes on. I am offended".

It's just a naked body

After you see the initial one or two naked bodies you tend to then switch off and just forget about it. /i actually felt after a few hours the day before of being in that environment that I would have felt comfortable enough to go topless. I actually didn't brave it, I was about to however after a paddle in the sea and getting told to get out by the lifeguard because the sea was too rough I sort of lost my confidence. However, I would feel comfortable in that environment to go topless. Not bottomless but topless, because boobs are boobs. Boobs do some in all sorts of shapes and sizes and that's what I realised.

We all have skin

We might all dress differently and have different styles and tastes when it comes to dress but take all that away, we are all the same. 
We are all bones with blood, organs, built with atoms and cells and covered in skin. 
We all have blemishes and marks and lumps and bumps and a uniqueness of us. 
What's so wrong with letting that out and being free with that?

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