Five Things : Car Checks Before a RoadTrip

I'm really excited to be going on a roadtrip to Scotland next month. In 2016 I went on a roadtrip on the East Coast of Northern Ireland with my brother and it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on so I am really looking forward to doing similar, with my boyfriend, in Scotland.

When we went to Ireland we flew over and then hired a car so other than organising the car hire and insurance we didn't really have much to organise and to check before our trip. However, with Scotland we are going in my boyfriends T4 so there are various things we will need to check before we leave.

Checking car fluid levels

Information on how to check the fluid levels for your car will be in your handbook, or is something that can be checked on Youtube if you are not sure what you are looking for. Low or empty fluids can result in breakdowns and further damage to your car so it is important to check the oil, brake fluid, windscreen wash and coolant before any long journeys. Also to keep spare fluid in your car to top up during the trip if necessary.

Lights and signals

Before your road trip, and get someone else to help too, it is important to check your lights and signals work. Get someone to stand at the front of the car whilst you check your headlights, fog lights, indicators and warning lights. These also need to be checked at the back of the car. If these are not working then the bulbs could need replacing or there could be a loose connection which would need to be checked at a local garage.


Make sure you are aware of the tyre pressure before you go on your roadtrip and make sure they are at the set levels before you leave. This is worth doing a couple of weeks before you leave so you can keep an eye on the levels to make sure there is no small leak or puncture.
The tread on tyres should be at least 1/16th or 1.6mm, if the tread is less than 1/12th or 2.5mm it is important to consider replacing the tyres. Car tyres in Wakefield are available in various sizes from Ossett Tyre House, for long journeys tyres are likely to wear down more quickly so replacing them should be considered.

Tax, MOT and insurance

Without stating the obvious...making sure your car is taxed, with an up to date MOT and that the insurance is appropriate for the journey you are making.
Did you know you can temporarily add other drivers to your insurance? This is something worth doing for long journeys and roadtrips to combat tiredness and even so that everyone gets to experience the same on the trip.

Power and USB points

Last year I had a nightmare journey to Liverpool due to a fuse that had gone in my car and resulted in not being able to use the cigarette lighter power or my USB to charge both my phone and my SAT NAV. It was an interesting journey which I didn't think I'd end up reaching.
Due to this I always check I am able to charge my phone or my SAT NAV before a long journey by checking both of these parts in the car.
Keeping a spare power pack in our car is also worth doing incase your phone battery is low and you need to use Google Maps or in case of an emergency.

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