Five Things | Classic Films I've Finally Watched

One of my favourite things about my relationship, other than the person I am in a relationship with of course, is how relaxed and easy everything is.
There has never been an overwhelming pressure to impress or to live up to any sorts of expectations.
It straight away felt comfortable.
Cooking meals from fresh ingredients from the local fishmongers, various fresh juices (my boyfriend doesn't drink and I'm not a big solo drinker) an incense stick smoking on the sideboard, candles lit around the hot wood burning fire, the cushions on the back of the sofa plump and a soft blanket for us to cuddle under.

We don't really watch any tv series together as the days we see each other aren't always regular, but we do like to watch films together.
We've been watching a lot of classic films together which we find on various entertainment networks, films which have dated over time but with improved quality thanks to watching on a high dynamic range television.
We've watched films that I haven't really thought about watching before due to them probably being a bit too dark or something that maybe I'm not particularly interested in.
However, it seems my boyfriend has great taste in films and even though some are films I would have avoided in the past I'm glad I gave the films a chance as I surprisingly enjoyed them!

The Godfather

1972, classic Gangster crime film staring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. I watched Gangster films in Media Studies in high school and I really enjoyed them. I think maybe the reason I struggle to watch them now is because I tend to pick them apart, to look at the lighting, to focus on the Femme Fatale, the angles...all the pieces that make a good gangster film.
Because it was such a long film we did have to break it up and watch it in two parts. I didn't quite expect to be as enthusiastic to watch the second part the following day but couldn't wait to get home from work and to get settled. 
We're still halfway through the second in the trilogy which we are a little slow at watching but I'm looking forward to watching all three.

Schindlers List

We'd been discussing the history of Poland and the Polish and we searched for Schindlers List and despite struggling to find it at first we eventually did and settled down to watch it.
I have to admit that at first I found it a little boring, and it took me quite a while...a long while really...to understand why Schindler was this hero and why he was so well thought of...until it became clear.
Well there were tears at the end and a big feeling of "What am I doing with my life when one man can do that?!"

Road to Perdition

Yes, this big Tom Hanks fan hadn't watched Road to Perdition until recently. I had tried to watch it previously but couldn't get into it. It definitely helped having my boyfriend watching it with me. I think I was slightly annoying and asked a few questions in the beginning. I think also the reason I had struggled before was because I hadn't really seen Tom in that sort of role before so it took a while to get used to it.
It blew my mind though and had me more convinced that there is nothing that man can't do.


We are going on a roadtrip in Scotland next month so my boyfriend suggested we watch Braveheart to have a look at the scenery.
Again, this is a film that's not really my style...I'm not that into fighting and I'm still wondering if Mel Gibson was the best person to cast as William Wallace...those eyes of his were pretty distracting and he needed to be a bit more rugged I think.
Anyway, I surprised myself by really enjoying it and not only has it made me appreciate why some Scots are as passionate as they are about their country, it has also made me look forward to visiting Scotland even more.

The Birds

Well, there I was saying classic films I enjoyed but this was hilarious. At the end we both looked at each other and said "Oh. Is that it?" as we expected a lot more from it. It felt like there was no resolution or no reason behind it all. 
It's one of those films that you hear a lot about and is a classic but isn't an all round great film..in my opinion. However, is well worth a watch for the awful dated affects and ridiculous acting...as well as the fake blood. 

What are your favourite classic films?
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