How to check if your car tyres are safe?

Until my recent Service and MOT I'd sort of neglected my tyres. I guess I was a bit naive and girly about it and figured that as long as my tyres weren't flat and I pumped some air into them every now and again that it would be ok. I worried a lot more about the things you can't see and I definitely would have no clue about (engine etc) than the obvious parts of the car.

Looking into it a bit more, I've realised how the tyres are actually a bigger deal that I thought. Did you know that you are at risk of a £2,500 fine and three penalty points for a worn tyre? That’s per tyre, too. If all four tyres are worn below the legal limit, you could potentially lose your licence and face a £10,000 fine. For keeping yourself safe and penalty-free you should quit worn out old tyres. New tyres are available on Point S for Surrey or other parts of UK - with online booking.

As well as that, any insurance claim as a result of an accident due to worn tyres could be invalidated meaning your insurer could refuse to pay out any repairs needed to your vehicle.

According to law the legal tyre tread depth for cars in the UK and Europe is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre across its complete circumference. Low tyre tread can severely affect the cars ability to grip onto the road surface also affecting steering, braking and acceleration.

Incorrect tyre pressure can increase your car's fuel consumption by as much as 5%, and reduce tyre life by as much as 25%.

So what can you do to make sure your tyres are legal and safe?

Keep a regular check on your tyre pressure. When you fill up on fuel at a petrol station check your tyres and fill them up if necessary.

To test the tread you can do the 20p test. Insert a 20p into the tread grooves on the tyre. If you can't see the outer band on the coin they are above the legal limit. However, if you can see the band and that section of the coin is still visible, your tyres could be unsafe.

Seek advice from professionals, and look at getting your tyres checked or changed at a local garage.

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