Canna House and Gardens

Although we walked past a few times a day whilst on the island, on the last day we decided to go through the gate to look at Canna House. We weren't too sure if it was open or if public were allowed up so took the risk anyway.

The house wasn't open, but there was a sign saying it was currently being renovated so is closed for Summer 2018. However it usually houses archives of the previous owner of the island, John Lorne Campbell and his wife, Margaret Fay Shaw. During their lifetime they collected an enormous amount of information of historical importance, particularly in regards to the Scottish Gaelic Culture.

Whilst my boyfriend looked around the gardens I sat on the bench just outside and did some writing. It was absolutely beautiful. So quiet with beautiful views being surrounded by the perfect gardens, with the sea visable in the distance.
If we had more time I could have sat here for hours.

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