Isle of Canna | Day One

When we planned our roadtrip and camping holiday to Scotland we were at first looking at the mainland. And then my boyfriend mentioned the small isles and having an island hop style break, selecting two islands to stay at.
We had a good look into it, and to be honest it was a tough choice as they all look beautiful and inviting.
Looking at the ferry timetable we paired the islands up and not doing very well at making a decision ourselves we ended up flipping a coin.
It landed on Canna and Eigg. It felt like a bit of a jigsaw really to decide on when we would go to each of the islands and for how long and in the end we decided on Canna for 2 nights, and Eigg for 3.

Canna is the westernmost of the Small Isles, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It is linked to the neighbouring island of Sanday by a road and sandbanks at low tide. The island is 4.3 miles long and 1 mile wide.

We got the ferry from Mallaig early on the Saturday morning and got to Canna at around 10am. Giving us pretty much a full day to get settled and set up and to do some exploring.
We had paid £10 a night to stay on the campsite, although I'm not sure we really needed to do that as with most islands in Scotland you can camp pretty much wherever you want.
However for that £10 we were met from the ferry and our luggage was taken to the campsite, and seeing as luggage isn't exactly light and we didn't want to spend a lot of the day walking with that to find a suitable location, it was worth the money.
We were the only people in tents at the campsite. There were 3 wooden pods which were booked but as the only campers this meant we weren't at all limited and pretty much had the whole area and hillside to ourselves...other than the grazing sheep. (Note: if you get up in the night needing the toilet, do not shine a torch at sheep. Their eyes are bright green and SUPER scary. I've never felt more intimidated whilst doing a wee)

Anyway, we set up and then decided to go for a walk. We headed over to Sanday to the Puffin Stack, in search of Puffins to tick off my bucket list...spoiler: we didn't see any. But we had a lovely long walk and were amazed at the beautiful views and landscape. Especially stunned by the white sanded beach that made you feel like you were on an exotic island!

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