Isle of Canna | Day Two [Part One]

Day two at Canna was a bit of a funny one really. I'd found out that night that my one of my favourite bike racers, William Dunlop, had died.
The weather was a bit grey and drizzly and we ended up getting up late. It's funny because I don't really like sleeping in when I'm on holiday. Especially on a holiday like this where there is so much exploring to do but actually, it was nice just laying around, drifting in and out of these deep sleeps. It was around lunch time we decided to get up.
We walked down to the shops so we could get a coffee and so I could switch my phone on. I was amazed at how many messages I had about William Dunlop. I phoned the boys and also wrote a blog post whilst we had our drinks and then we decided to go for an explore.
We looked around the nearby church and then went down a long lane right next to the shops.

We had seen what looked like a castle just beyond the land although this was quite run down and a ruin so there wasn't too much to see. However, it was on a beautiful beach with really big chunky rocks. We decided to walk along the beach, clambering over the rocks and trying to not slip on the soft wet seaweed covering some of the ground.

As with most of our walks around the Lochs in Scotland, and our first day on Canna we found a lot of animal bones and skulls. I found this fascinating and where we could we were piecing together the bones to see what we could make.
The views across the water were amazing and made the walk well worth it. We walked as far round as we could. Maybe we could have got round further but as we had left it a little late to go out anyway I felt it was probably a good idea to not risk it just in case it got dark and we ended up stuck.

So we walked back round and decided to go for dinner at the restaurant/pub. As it is a little restaurant and the food is cooked fresh it is a little pricey so we went for the cheapest thing on the menu....fish and chips. Although even if it wasn't the cheapest I think we still would have gone for that. Oh it was amazing!

After eating the meal and finishing our drinks we decided to walk back to the tent, to carry on exploring and more importantly....have a shower!

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