Yorkshire Roadtrip | Whitby

Back in June we went to Scunthorpe to celebrate my boyfriends Nan's birthday. After going for a meal with her and some other members of the family, we travelled to Whitby, staying overnight in my boyfriends VW T4 before finding a camp site to stay on for the Saturday night. 

We arrived at the camp site, went for a shower and then drove to Whitby. The weather wasn't it's best, a little grey and drizzly but we didn't let it put us off.
We had a lovely walk along the parade, walking past a replica of a house that was bombed.
Walking further on we watched the various sail boats out at sea, and eventually came up to the statue and monument for Captain James Cook. I knew Charles would love the statue so I took a phew photos of that before turning round to admire the archway made of Whale bones. When looking on Pinterest and Instagram before we went I was fascinated by these bones so was pleased we went to see them. 
We walked down to the seafront, popping in various shops before stopping for breakfast and a coffee. I had Eggs Royale and my boyfriend went for Kippers. I was grateful when he agreed to us sharing half of our breakfast as he had definitely gone for the better choice.

Moving on we walked though town again, walking up the back streets, looking in various different shops and admiring a local busker, we came up to the 199 steps which lead to St Mary's Church. 
With little hesitation we made our first step and despite not being our fittest we didn't do too bad really. 

Both enjoying churches we looked inside and were amazed at the different set up and layout to the church compared to the churches in Suffolk. It was a lot bigger inside, almost misleading when you looked at it from the outside, and less about space and beauty. 

As we walked out I sat on a bench and admired the stunning views of the Harbour. 
Again something I had seen online before visiting but the photos don't do it justice.
From this height, looking down and across the rooftops, the houses looked like those in a model village. It was really beautiful.

We walked around the town some more, something which I think you could easily do all day, and no necessarily spend a lot of money. For those who have self control and can handle window shopping and simply browsing, this is one of the most perfect places to go. With beautiful little craft shops, spiritual shops, antiques, butcher's and the mouthwatering smells from the handcrafted soap shop. 

We got a quiche from a local butcher's, stopped to grab some cans of drink and then walked up the hill. 
Stopping at the top of the promenade we decided to have an ice cream...sitting outside the rain started again but we didn't mind. 
Not only is this the perfect place for window shopping and browsing, but also for people watching. If that's a hobby. 

We were quite tired after our journey up from Suffolk, via Scunthorpe, and short on time as it was just a short weekend visit, but I really enjoyed myself. 
However, I didn't get to try Whitby fish n chips so will definitely take a trip back another time.

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