Cat Cafe, Lviv Ukraine

Since my divorce I have accidently become a crazy cat lady. I seemed to have got custody of the two cats we had at the time and then I rescued Ainsley in 2017 and was lucky (spoilt!!) to get Bodhi as a Christmas present this year.
When we went to Lviv we searched for restaurants and cafes. Basically due to the weather the majority of the holiday was based around napping and eating.

We both seemed to find the Cat Cafe on Trip Advisor at the same time and, although it was a half an hour walk from our apartment, made the walk in the cold, snow three times to visit.

The first time we went downstairs and only saw one cat.  To be fair, there was a big family who came in after us and they were quite intimidating so I would have thought this would keep the cats hidden away.
Our visit was following our meal at another restaurant and we decided to go here for a coffee and dessert.
We were both so impressed with the food, the atmosphere and the coffee, as well as the uniqueness of the place, that we decided to go back the following day.
We sat upstairs this time and well.....We were inundated with cats!
We decided this time to have brunch and again, the food was amazing! Except this time we had guests. And this is where my biggest tip is if you plan to visit this cafe.
Only go if you are confident with cats, because some of them will want to try your food...or at least try FOR your food.
We felt ok enough to shoo them away but also there was a lovely member of staff, who was so informative and friendly...probably one of the nicest people we met the whole holiday, who stepped in when they wouldn't leave us alone.

We went back the following day, again for dessert after having a starter and main elsewhere. I opted for the cheesecake and OH MY GOD! It was by the far the best cheesecake I have ever tasted.

I think we would have visited everyday if we could. But the walk got a bit much when the paths were quite icy and instead we explored the area we were staying.

If you ever go to Lviv, you must visit the Cat Cafe.
I hope I will visit again some day.

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