Five Things | Highlights of 2018


I know this is quite a cliche highlight I guess but 2018 was lovely for me in terms of travelling. I guess having a boyfriend who also likes to travel and explore different places was a real bonus and a real advantage to make this happen. 
Not only did we experience a "beach/hot" holiday with Fuerteventura in April, we then had a camping holiday in Scotland, and a city break in snowy Lviv, Ukraine also. As well as a trip to Whitby and Scunthorpe and my own mini-break to Somerset. 
Lviv, Ukraine was somewhere I never would have thought about visiting, and I'm so glad we went. It was absolutely beautiful and an amazing experience. Scotland was also an experience with camping, being restricted due to the islands we visited, and the midges! 


Bit of an odd one I suppose but when I think back to 2018 one of my highlights and successes was definitely driving. I drove a hire car when we went to Fuerteventura, so driving on the wrong side of the road in a car that was the wrong way round was a challenge but I soon got used to it and was genuinely quite gutted to give the car back. 
When I moved house back in May I thought I had hired a transit van, still daunted by the thought of it I thought it wouldn't be that bad. However, on collection I had hired a tail lift! A much bigger van than I expected. Again, I loved driving it and even impressed my mum by reverse parking it in my driveway. 
And in November at work I did a 7 day Forklift Truck course, which I passed. Although I won't be going on it that often I still feel a massive sense of achievement for even passing and being able to drive one. 


Jasmine and Walter have just been Jasmine and Walter. They don't do much to cause concern and are pretty loyal. 
Then there is Ainsley, who decides to disappear for two months...not a highlight...but then all of a sudden return out of nowhere and meowing at me by their food bowls one morning as if he never disappeared. And then leave for a week again over Christmas, I guess that is just his thing.
Then, well, then the year got even better.
On December 23rd Bodhi Blue, a beautiful Snow Mink Bengal, joined my cat family thanks to my boyfriend.
He is absolutely amazing and gets on so well with Ainsley especially at the moment. Jasmine is just taking her time and taking a while to take to him. 


I made an effort to read more in 2018 and although I didn't get through a huge amount of books, compared to others, I was pleased with what I got through.
I'm quite strict and will only read a book if I really feel connected to it pretty much early on, if not I don't waste time with it. 
I was hoping to read 2 books a month this year, which again may not be much to some who seem to be able to read a book in a day (I really envy those people) but I think still, that's 24 books this year, that's better than none.

Unofficial Auntie

My best friends had a baby last year and I became an Unofficial Auntie and her Guardian. Having two boys it is wonderful to have a little girl I can buy things for and watch grow up into a young lady. She is absolutely adorable and I am so proud of my friends and of her. 

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