Tips to Remember When Buying a Used Car

When it came to buying my car I was so overwhelmed and knew that I needed to have an idea in mind of what I wanted before and whilst I looked. I knew roughly what I wanted in terms of space (enough for 2 suitcases in the boot), enough growing room in the back for my children, a cd player, air con, something not too expensive to run, and comfy to drive as I do like to drive long distances as and when needed.

My biggest tip is to research where you are buying from. Look at dealerships in other areas as well as your local area as it might be worth travelling to get that ideal car for you. In the past I have travelled 130 miles to get a used car because it was exactly what we wanted, ticked all the boxes, but just happened to be a little further out of town than ‘local’.
Researching dealerships can help to see what services they provide, especially in terms of after care, the brands they sell, and to see reviews on their service.
KAP Motors offer an amazing collection of Fiat used cars at their Brighton centre. Check their range online.

When buying my car I was told straight away how many previous owners the car had. Why is this important if the car looks ok? It is important because it will give a clearer view on the cars history. The more owners a car has had, the older it usually is and ultimately, the more miles it has driven.
It will help to find out how and when the car has been driven. Was it just used for short journeys to and from work, or was it used for longer trips? Driven mostly on motorways or country lanes? A car driven mostly on country lanes will have potentially used their brakes a lot more than one on a motorway and would have to deal with potholes, which could have caused different wear and tear on the car.

Check paperwork before you buy. Is everything available, and if isn’t is there any way of getting hold of it?
The logbook or V5C.
Servicing booklet, this when the car was last serviced, as well as what's been repaired/replaced.
Spares. If you were expecting a spare wheel, check it’s there along with the tools needed to change it. As well as a spare key.
Sales contract. Make sure you get a dated sales contract showing that you've completed the deal and paid the right money. Check your name and address, plus the full details of the car, the agreed price, and any payments already made.
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