Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards

I got my first pack of Oracle Cards back in 2016 after a long time of being curious about how they worked and if I could use them.
I'd been confident within my faith for a year for that point and knew that Oracle cards were for me.
I've always worked well with them and now own 5 different packs. I have my certain ways of working with them and one thing I am proud of is that I've never felt the need to look up how to use them or how to read them.
For me, if the cards want me to work with them, they will show me and if my guides want me to work with the cards, then they will help me to connect and they will help me to understand what the cards mean and what they are telling me.

Last year I got my first pack of Tarot cards and recently was gifted a pack of Grimaud Marseille cards.
I find Tarot not so easy to connect with and definitely have a feeling of needing to work harder with them. Looking into it I found, and accepted that, Tarot cards are more structured compared to Oracle cards and have specific meanings, whereas with Oracle cards don't have a specific meaning and can be read in various ways.

Since being into cards I get a lot of questions about them or requests to read for other people and although I'm confident enough to do them for myself, I've never felt quite able to do them for other people.
For those who are curious, websites such as 7Tarot offer free readings and an insight into how Tarot works and the different options available.

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