21st Century Films. Movie Meme Number One.

After requesting on Twitter about wanting to join in with Memes and similar I was excited to see that fellow blogger Hannah over at http://www.metalmummy.co.uk/ was starting her own Movie based Meme!
As an (ex) GCSE and A Level Media student it felt wrong for me to not join in. Although the majority of my knowledge and anything I learnt from Media has gradually frazzled away due to pregnancy brain and baby brain but my love for the subject is still there, somewhere.

The theme and task:  21st Century Films. You can choose any genre of film, any actor, any actress and any reason for choosing it. It can be your favourite film of the whole decade, the scariest film, the most heart-wrenching, the most thought-provoking. 

Immediately my head ran through all the films I love, 2 stood out for me in particular, One Hour Photo and the Saw series. Heather, aka SAHMlovingit on Twitter made the decision for me and my chosen subject is One Hour Photo! Which is probably for the best, as I'm not sure its best that my dark side comes out so early on in my blogging ;-)

So, One Hour Photo. Here we go.
I should make a confession here first. Robin Williams is my older man crush. There I said it. Its normally met with shocked and stunned faces, which I can understand, sort of.
Robin Williams character is completely different from my other favourite character of his, Mrs Doubtfire. His look is completely different, and this is how we are first introduced to the innocence of this individual.

I'm going to be honest, I am finding it hard to describe the film and explain it in such a way that shows just how amazing it is. So, I ask you please to visit The Synopsis so you can see what its about. Although be warned, it gives you a lot of description and will ruin the ending! Alternatively, here is a run down in bullet points (with no spoilers at all):

  • Robin Williams plays, Seymour “Sy” Parrish, a technician in a photo lab at SavMart’s in Los Angeles
  • He is a lonely man with no one special in his life. His life is all about work.
  • He becomes obsessed with his favourite customers after developing their photos for years. The Yorkin family, Will, Nina and their son Jake. He admires their happiness and how perfect their life seems to be. He knows almost everything there is to know about them and eventually, begins to stalk them.
  • His obsession with the family results in him creating a collage on a wall in his apartment out of photos of theirs, which he has been secretly collecting copies of over the years.
  • Jake notices quite early on that Sy is a shy and lonely man. Something which Nina eventually realises too. Sy is able to spark a connection to Nina when he notices a book she has been reading, he pretends to be interested in the book too, just to be able to talk to her.
  • Certain events happen which equal in Sy hating the man he had once admired and looked up to. This equals Sy to react in a very dramatic way……
  • NOW GO WATCH IT to find out what happens next.
One thing I love about this film, other than Robin Williams' amazing performance, is that you are constantly wondering whats going to happen next, constantly wanting to jump into to film to help this man, to give him a hug, to stop him from doing what he's about to do.
Although the way he acts, and the things he does, are all very creepy and at times uncomfortable to watch, you really can't help but feel connected to the character.
The style of filming is soft and colours are somewhat dull, which helps to create the mood of the story and of what is going on and going to happen.

This film had me gripped from the beginning. Even the promotional artwork for the film had me hooked before I'd even watched it!
I can't sell this film at all. My brain is fried today after an unnecessary debate on Facebook late last night which has also resulted in a pounding migraine but there was no way I wanted to miss out on this Meme!
I urge you to watch it if you haven't already. And if you have watched it, then go and watch it again....I most certainly want to!
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