The Importance of a Name: Part One.

The Importance of a Name.

Part One: Choosing the right name.
Part Two: The meaning of name.

“The power of a name and its value has long been immortalised in prose, poetry and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name.

Let us consider what a name is. It is the grouping of several letters of an alphabet, or other symbols, which represent the identification of a person or an object”
Quote from www.kabalarians.com

I am 19 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) we’ve already decided on a girls name for definite, although going back and forth on middle names. The girls name was obvious for me. When me and my husband had been together only around 4 or 5 months we discussed baby names, not sure why, we weren’t planning for a baby, weren’t engaged and were still at the getting to know you stage. But one name jumped out at us. I had never heard the name before, neither had my husband really, although now it seems to be getting popular(ish) or at least the shortening is.
Boys names though, different matter entirely. We’ve decided on a name, we both love it, but I favour other names which my husband will not consider. The name we have decided on at the moment goes very well with Charles, our sons name, but my only “issue” I guess with the name that we’ve chosen is that it can’t be shortened. Not a problem really and something I will get over.

With picking the name for our second child we have to take into account that we have chosen a traditional name for our first born. I don’t know of any other children with the name Charles, only Charlie-which does seem a very popular choice at the moment, so we are glad we went for Charles.
Luckily finding a name that goes with Charles isn’t too difficult for us as we like traditional names anyway. We realised there was a theme with names on our shortlist, such as Henry, Harry, George, Edward, Elizabeth….a royal theme! The name we have gone for, for either sex, isn’t a royal name. (And Edward doesn’t go with our surname!)

We don’t like to share our choices of names, but with Charles we did to a select amount of people, and were told on a regular basis that he will get picked on for having the name Charles and one family member even commented that she would not be using Charles if we chose that name.
I clearly remember something I read in an interview with Holly Willoughby when she was pregnant with Harry, she said that she didn’t want to share her babys name, for someone to then criticise the name, as they were offending her unborn baby.
I will never forget that and completely agree with it.

We still get the occasional comments, mostly from strangers, who comment ‘Oh, Charles if he’s naughty but Charlie normally?’ I love correcting them by saying no, because his name is Charles regardless of behaviour.

We find it important to have a name which obviously we feel is suitable for our child, taking into account bullying, horrible nicknames etc. But we also take our children’s future into consideration. Is their name suitable for all professions? This may seem like small detail to some but for us it is very important.
Charles is also known as Charlie. And as he gets older he will be able to choose which name he would like to be known as, personally and professionally. This was a major factor in the reason for us choosing Charles, over our original choice of Charlie. We felt there was something not right, for us, in just having Charlie. We needed it to be something more.
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