Soundtrack of my Life.

Thank you to @ipswichmummy [Him, me and three] for tagging me in her Soundtrack of my Life post.
I love music and have a variety if tastes, will listen to most things [within reason].
Found this extremely hard to cut down to just 5 songs. Would also have loved to feature Hanson, (was bullied in middle school for liking loving them!) Simply Red, Tom Jones, Timbaland, A1, George Michael and Pat Benetar.......not forgetting The Darkness!

If you have an ipod, mp3 player, spotify playlist that you think says a lot about you I’d like you to join me in putting your playlist on shuffle and listing your first 5 tracks. You can add a note about why you have that particular track on your playlist if you’d like to.  We all have a track or two we wouldn’t like to admit to having on a playlist so no cheating by skipping a track!!
[ok I did cheat as my iPod isn't charged, I don't have an mp3 player and have no idea what Spotify is really so have picked 5 songs I know for a fact would have been in the running]

1: Vuelve: Ricky Martin. I could list every single song by Ricky Martin. This one though is my ultimate favourite. Its a Spanish song, and the title of one of my favourite albums of his. The video is equally as amazing as the song. I walked down the aisle on my wedding day to Private Emotion. And was lucky enough to see at Earls Court around 10 years ago! [Being afraid of heights has its benefits, our seats were changed from stupidly high up to around 10 rows back from the left of the stage, where noone else appeared to be seated. Also happened to be the place Ricky Martin went off stage for outfit changes!) My dream was to hear him perform this song live, especially as I was going through a tough time when we saw him, and my dream came true. Lucky girl :-)

2: Behind Closed Doors: Peter Andre: Again there are many Peter Andre songs I could choose. Especially those from his most recent two albums. I was lucky enough to see him in concert last year at the UEA in Norwich. The room is quite small and personal which made it even more amazing. He opened to Behind Closed Doors and then performed it once again later on, only this time acapella.

3: Steps: One For Sorrow. I am a Steps fan and totally not ashamed of it! I knew all of the dance moves, and lead most of the dances at school discos when Steps came on. Difficult to choose a favourite song seeing as I loved so many of them but this one is probably my Ulitmate favourite. Catchy, cheesy, great choreography, proper Steps through and through.(I was stuck between Steps and A1)

4: Daniel Bedingfield: If You're Not The One.  Mine and my husbands "song". It came out around the time we got together, my husband worked full time as a radio presenter when we met and played the song a lot on his shows. We both felt it was a song special to us. I am aware that the words aren't completely necessary for a couple in love [which is a comment I've had many times from others] but it depends on how you disect the words and the meanings behind the song.
It was the obvious choice for our first dance at our wedding and still to this day makes my eyes fill up when I hear it.
My husband met Daniel Bedingfield on two occassions. The first was when we'd been together just over 8 months at T4s Pop Beach in Great Yarmouth. He got Daniels autograph for me which was lovely, especially as they both felt very awkward about it, and it was secretly filmed by the local news channel which was broadcast the next day. Very embarrassing for my husband. 
Then a few months after we married they met again at Summer XS concert in Bedfordshire. My husband was going to mention to Daniel that we'd used this song as our first dance, but, Daniel was in a hyper mood and ended up swearing on air so the interview was cut short!

5: Starry Eyed: Ellie Goulding. The song that introduced me to one of the most amazing voices around at the moment. It took me a while to find out her name because I always caught the song on the radio when driving, and missed her name I forgot it by the time I got home. Eventually I found out and headed straight to You Tube and listened to other songs such as Guns and Horses, The Writer and Under The Sheets
I was lucky enough last year to also see Ellie at the UEA in November. I hadn't listened to her album, simply because I was aware that she was re-releasing the album with extra songs on....I'm not silly ;-) I'll be honest, I was wary because there are so many times that singers sound amazing on studio recorded singles and I was concerned that she couldn't be THIS good live. I was wrong! Note perfect, passionate, there was not one moment during the whole of the concert that my body wasn't goosebump free. (Unfortunately I was around 6 weeks pregnant at this point and feeling tired, bloated and sick so couldn't bounce around as much as I wanted to!)
If I had the chance to go back again I would, and if you get the chance to see her I urge you to go! You would not be disappointed.
Now.....I dare you to listen to this song and not tap your foot or move in any kind of way....impossible!

If you join in please post a link in the comments box below. For those that are tagged, I won't be offended if you choose not to take part.

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