10 Things I Like by Charles

I saw this here originally http://waterbirthplease.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/10-things-i-like/ and couldn't resist but to add my own list, written by Charles of course.

10 Things I Like. By Charles.

1: I like to make out that I am really hungry, then either have a mini paddy when you hand me food or just take a bite out of what you have made me and then ask for a cuggle instead.

2: As above, I like to ask for cuggles when actually I have no intention of giving or receiving a cuggle. Instead I just want to get out of my high chair/avoid nappy change/avoid bedtime etc.

3: Making you run after me to put my coat on. Yes I do want to go out in the car or for a walk, but its much more fun when you chase me before we go.

4: Taking my trousers off. I don’t really see why I have to wear them. A body suit and tshirt is enough. And I am also liking the idea of no nappy at the moment, so will rip that off too….even when I have done a poo that you don’t know about.

5: Weeing on the wooden floor, it makes a lovely puddle for me to splash in and hit with my hand so it goes further.

6:  Again, as above, I also like weeing on the floor, and now shaking my juice or milk on the floor so I can make a puddle so I can do “clean clean” with a towel.

7: Pulling mummys necklace. I’ll be gutted one day when it breaks but for now I’ll keep doing it.

8: Following the cat around. I only want a “Minnie cuggle” and can’t accept that she doesn’t want a cuggle from me!

9: Saying my own name, now I can. “Char-geeee”

10: Snogging mummy, proper wet slobbery kisses are the best, as is licking mummys face. Which I like a lot now too.
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