14,000 Things To Be Happy About. A MeMe!

I know there is the linky/meme [someone needs to explain the difference in these to me please] “Reasons to Be Cheerful” but this is a bit different.

We took a trip to Wroxham Barns today and whilst looking around the gift shop I noticed the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. Couldn’t help but to open it and have a look. Instantly I giggled and stood there saying [to myself in my head] “true, true, so true”.
And I thought it’d be fun to make our own list and for people to add their own.
It can be something silly, something serious, something random, something simple, something obvious or something totally “out there” that we may question your sanity, silly/funny words, funny situations.
The littlest things that make you smile, giggle or laugh your head off. Simple things in life.
No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings. No explanations are needed, infact it’ll be funnier to not explain somethings.
You can be as rude as you like too! Dirty minds are welcomed.

A few I can remember from the book, and some examples to show you where to start and to take this:

A timid tiger.
new babies
a well-crafted chair
having a sense of your own space
a real person answering the phone
leaves snuggled around the foundations of old country houses
staying home on New Year’s Eve

I’m going to start my list tonight. You can re-edit your post at any time but be sure to inform us so we can go back and view the new items on your list too.

The linky will open tomorrow and remain open for you to add at any point, but feel free to start your list as soon as you’d like, if you’d like to join in.

Please Title your list as "Things to be Happy About"
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