Finishing the Sentences: A Meme.

I always love checking my Inbox and seeing that there is a new blog post from Baby Genie. I discovered Katherines blog last year and became hooked.She was my main inspiration when deciding to start blogging.

Anyway, today I saw that she had been tagged in a Meme, and hadn't tagged anyone (purposefully). So I took it upon myself to "pretend" she had tagged me, after she had requested people join in so she didn't feel guilty for not tagging anyone :-D

So here goes, the challenge is to complete the following five sentences.

I am…. a mummy (which you should all know really....) and have never been happier. I feel so complete with one child that sometimes I question why we are having another.

The bravest thing I have ever done is…move away from home at 18, from Lowestoft to Bedford. No job, no money, no friends and no family. Just to move in with my fiance (now husband) Was a really scary and lonely time at first but it definitely made me stronger . Oh....and have a baby!!

I feel prettiest when… I've just had my hair cut, I wear make up and a dress/tunic.

Something that keeps me up at night is….my anxiety and the fact that my head, for some reason, decides to concentrate on something which is going to wind me up all night.

My favourite meal is…. Boxing Day dinner! Cold meats, cheese, pickles, crisps and warm baguettes. Bread and butter pudding.

The way to my heart is…. just to care about me and my life, my family etc and be interested in it all. 

I would like to be…. the best mummy possible to my sons and the best wife to my husband.

I also won't tag because I know how much some people hate it and how many other Memes there are going around. But please join in if you'd like! Its easy and quick to do :-)
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