Mumra Playlist. Week Three. Pre baby memories.

Week three theme for Mumra Playlist is Pre baby memories
Step away from the laundry, leave the toy box overflowing, dare I suggest logging out of Twitter? ( Ok, perhaps just minimize the page! ) and get hunting for your song for this weeks theme.
I have chosen this song because I used to listen to it on repeat, as well as the album it comes from too.

I love this song and it used to drive my husband mad! I Sky Plussed it so I could listen to it all the time. Although this song did drive my husband mad just due to me overplaying it he will admit that Timbaland is the only hip hop-rnb-rapper that he will listen to and agrees with me that Timbaland can do no wrong.

We even named "my" first car after him. It was a little black Fiat.....we sold it last year to then buy my Mummy Wagon but still refer to the Fiat as Timbaland.
I can't really listen to the album anymore due to the naughty words and having a toddler who seems to pick up on a lot! He is yet to say his first swear word though thankfully!
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