I have been looking forward to today for a couple of months. Last year my brother moved to Bristol. It was kind of out of the blue and part of me thought he wouldn't go, but he did.
He came back in August for a few days and then went back and we hadn't seen him since then .But today he came "home" and is here for a week!!
I was itching to see him, he told me he'd be home mid afternoon. So, I got the majority of my housework done this morning, got myself ready, Charles ready and then we headed off out. I had to stop off somewhere else first and once I got back into the car I sent my brother a BBM and asked if he was here yet. He told me "soon" so I said I'd head to mums and meet him there. He then told me he was at my mums and I wasn't go to there just yet but could go there soon.

I didn't want to go home so I drove around for a bit, but after a while I became very impatient. 3.45 quickly turned into 4.45, Charles had fallen asleep and I knew that he would soon be waking wanting some dinner so I headed home. Sods law: as soon as I was almost home I got a message saying I could go round now. But I got stuck in traffic, someone pulled out in front of me at a roundabout and then stopped right infront of me so I had to get home to calm down.
Half an hour later we headed to my mums. I was sure my brother must've had a tattoo done of my sons name and that was the reason we were told to stay away.
We turned up, I went to unlock the car but it wouldn't unlock! My car always seems to have problems with the central locking in this area, I got back in the car (my door opened but I couldn't unlock the others) and tried to lock and unlock. Then, the doors locked, and I couldn't unlock them at all, I couldn't even open the door from inside! I put the key in the ignition and.....the alarm went off! Eeeeek!
5 minutes passed with the alarm stopping, then starting again and eventually we got out, but I think Charles had been left a tiny bit shaken.
I stepped out of the car and my brother was there, I felt strangely shy. He gave me a huge squeezy hug.
Charles seemed to recognise him, which wasn't surprising as he see's his photos a lot around the house.

We went inside, Charles seemed immediately comfortable which was fantastic. It felt so lovely to just be in a room with my brother and see him again.
He showed me a pair of sunglasses he now owns [he works in a top sunglasses shop so has a lot of pairs at the moment] which I commented looked like 3D glasses. He then got out another pair, these ones were his aviators, he told me to try them on, knowing how much I love aviators. I tried them on, he asked if I liked them, I said yes, he said "good, they are yours!" I looked at the glasses, Raybans! I own a pair of Raybans! He told me the cost, showed me the leather case he'd got me too and the cleaning kit and asked me to please take care of them. He also has the exact same pair....yep we twins with matching sunglasses!!
I cried and my mum then told him to tell my the reason why he had bought the glasses for me. His reply will stay with me forever
"Because I'm proud of you"
I was so happy and couldn't believe he'd told me that. I'm just a mummy.

He then left the room, and came back, pushing something. And he told us that he had bought something for Charles.
There in front of him was a Little Tykes Police Car! Wow!! I had no idea! This was the reason he didn't want us to go to mums earlier. He was so busy putting the car together.
We had an hour and a half of fun playing with the car, Charles was showing off in front of his Uncle and even had a little playfight.

It was a fantastic two hours altogether and we had to rip Charles away from his car.

I am now itching for there to be sunny weather so I can wear my Raybans. We are off out to a zoo on Monday and I simply cannot wait to see him again, and especially to see him and Charles together.
The journey home with Charles was lovely, we were talking about things he had just done with "Uncle Man" and every now and then would just start laughing.

I love my family.

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