#thegallery Education

I don’t think there is one person who can doubt or deny that education starts at home, long before preschool and “big” school is really thought about.

From new words, to being able to recognise an item, object or person and putting a name to it, to colours and numbers.

We are at the moment trying to teach Charles colours and numbers..
To do this I use everyday household items, such as pegs, sponges, flannels etc, as well as toys-cars, mega blocks and a balls.
We are also teaching him textures, soft, fluffy, hard, spikey. We've already mastered size-big and small and he's pretty much clued up on whats hot and whats cold.
3 Pegs. Blue, Yellow and Green
Bunny is soft and fluffy. Eats carrots and drinks water.

Four balls. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.
He also learns a lot from In The Night Garden. He learnt to clap, learnt certain words, for example Stone. He knows what a stone is and also likes to count them. It has also taught him how to jump.
This is a selection of what we are teaching currently, we also count as we go up the stairs. We look at cars and count them and shout the colours.
I get great pleasure everyday knowing that I am teaching my son so much.

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