#thegallery. One Word: Family.

Really loving The Gallery:
So this week's theme is: One Word.
Any word you like: Up, spring, sunrise, snotty, peaceful, scream, fast, digital, lazy, sleepy, cake.
So my [predictable] word is Family.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter @laurenhousewife and follow my blog may have seen that my brother is visiting this week. He moved to Bristol last year and is staying at my mums for a week.
We went out for the day on Monday to Thrigby Hall, [some photos here if anyone is interested] so had a lovely family day, what with him being back, spending quality time at weekends with my husband and Charles, and expecting our second baby FAMILY is a huge part of my life right now. And always will be, and really always has been.

My photo: I'm going for me [plus bump] and my brother, with a cheeky Charles at the bottom [look at his face! Really makes me giggle!]
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