Woohoo! I won!

This is probably going to seem something very silly to post about but I am very excited.
I have entered a few competitions on other Mummy Blogs and so far not been very successful...until last week!
In one week I won 2 competitions!
The first was over at The Mummy Life. The prize....a Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Dual Electric Breast Pump Kit!
I was over the moon when she had informed me that I had won via a Vlog.
Yesterday at 8am the doorbell went. It was hte postman with a big box! Yay! Of course Charles made it clear it was his job to open the box and see what was inside!

 and then of course the expected happened.....
Laura at The Mummy Life also made me smile by very kindly including some lovely clothes for our new baby in the package. Which was so kind of her and we are very grateful. Thank you so much Laura!!

The postman also delivered another package to us yesterday. Again Charles made it his job to open the box, and this time I had no right to tell him not to as the contents were aimed at him.
The other competition I had won was via Jessies Crazy Kitchen. A choice of three Goody Packs were available....Pack one: Newborn, Pack two: Toddler, Pack three: Safety. All three were suitable for us so I thought it would be silly of me not to enter.
At 3 o clock am during a "baby sitting comfortably on my bladder" toilet trip I noticed my phone flashing and a little "T" icon in the corner of the screen. I opened Twitter, checked my mentions and saw that I had indeed won the competition! Yay!
I had originally stated any of the packs would be suitable but after further thought and looking closely at the packs decided that the Toddler Pack would be the better option for us! (The snack trap was my main reason for wanting it if I am being honest!)

He didn't really "get" the Snack Trap at first and thought it was something that he had to hum into!
(Please excuse the dribbly top!)

We are very excited about our prizes! And will be sure to enter lots more competitions now on! Woohoo!
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