Facebook: Sigh!

"Hello Six Year Wedding Anniversary" reads my status update this morning.
One comment. "WOW"

Three wall posts: one from my husband, one from my sister in law and one from a friend whom I met on an internet forum, realised we lived in the same town at the time, that her parents lived in my hometown (where I live now) and that her wedding was a week after mine.

Now I love Facebook, I am a self-confessed addict, and with the ability to view on my phone and to have the Blackberry Facebook App I am on there a lot.
But despite that I haven't let it change my manners.


WHY does the like button mean we know longer need to also congratulate someone or say happy birthday to someone etc??
Does the fact that these 10 people have liked my status mean they are congratulating me? I just don't really get it.
Like button most certainly = laziness and rudeness in my eyes.
I LIKE it if you post about it being a sunny day, or that you've had a good day...if the latter I will like your status but also ask what you have done to have such a good day. Know what that is called? CONVERSATION!

Thinking back to December last year, I posted about our pregnancy. Over 40 comments, lovely. Yet also 50+ likes, so some of those people felt the need to like my status, but not actually congratulate us? To me that is just rude, especially when a couple of those people were family!!
I dread to think of the lack of congratulations message when I give birth.

I can't help but think that life before Facebook [and Myspace] we would've been struggling to find room in our house to fit the anniversary cards or congratulations cards.

For me, ANY anniversary is something to celebrate, especially a wedding anniversary. If a friend of mine posts that this time 2 years ago they met their "fluffy bunny boyfriend" I still acknowledge that and say congratulations.
If someone says they are looking forward to going out for a meal to celebrate their boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/mums birthday that night I will say "have a good time. Happy birthday to X" even if I do not know that person.

I don't know, maybe because of the majority of my friends are not married yet means that they don't understand how important a wedding anniversary feels.

What else gets me is, that one Twitter three of my virtual mummy blogger friends have sent me a Happy Anniversary message....I haven't even mentioned my Anniversary over on there.....yet. These are people I have never met, yet have taken the time to think of me and acknowledge the day. (thank you ladies)

I now look at Facebook and I have 2 more likes and ONE proper comment on my status, from someone who was there on the day. It's made me smile.

Maybe I am being over-sensitive about this? Or am I justified? (I have always felt like this, but with added pregnancy hormones it means I feel brave enough to get it out!)

Don't get me wrong, this isn't just about the lack of anniversary messages, but also at how Facebook has changed us and taken away conversation and basic manners. Another thing that annoys me is people asking for advice etc, you giving advice, and them not thanking you. RUDE! Just RUDE!

My tip to you: ignore that little like button, and leave a comment. It may make someones day.
Or at least just make them smile and feel important.

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